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My Lime Crime Customer Care Experience

So you all know I am a massive Lime Crime fan and I have spoke about and reviewed them on this blog several times, most recently defending all the controversy surrounding them in my post 'Why I support Lime Crime.'

I have never before had a problem with one of my orders, however when my Faded Velvetine arrived watery and patchy I decided this was an excellent opportunity to see their customer service for myself.

I received my order on Wednesday, but didn't have time to play with my new Velvetine until Thursday morning. When swatching it on my hand alongside my second new Velvetine, Prairie, I was shocked at how watery it applied and how patchy it dried on my arm. 

It was even worse when applied to my lips. It was so watery that the second I pressed my lips together, it smeared, something I have never, ever experienced with a Velvetine before. I tidied it up (which took a lot of effort as the bloody thing kept smudging!) then went about my day.

Hardly 3 hours later I looked in the mirror and was pretty grossed out by what I saw. The entire lipstick had rubbed away, leaving only an outline around the edge of my lips. Not pretty. I immediately tweeted Lime Crime and was impressed when they replied only 4 minutes later with an email address to contact.

It was good that they replied straight away to my tweet, however I wish they would have been able to do more for me other than giving me the same email address which is available on their website. Obviously all brands have different policy, however when a Spectrum make-up brush arrived broken they replied to my tweet apologising and sent me out a brand new one the same day, no email needed.

I emailed Lime Crime and received an automated reply a minute later, stating that a member of the team would reply to me within 24 hours. I do appreciate automated replies like this as you know the company have actually received your email!

Later the same day I got an email reply from Nichole giving me tips on how to apply the Velvetines properly. This wan't quite relevant to me, as I stated in my email that I already own 8 Velvetines, however I appreciated that she added at the end of the email 'If you are still having trouble, we are happy to send a replacement!' Whether this is company policy, or because I told them I would be blogging about the experience, I will never know.

After replying back, I didn't receive another reply for a couple of days, until I sent a second email chasing up the first. This did honestly annoy me a little, but Nichole was very apologetic and said she was sending me a replacement. True to her word, hardly half an hour later I received an order confirmation and dispatch email. This I very much appreciated, that there was proof of a replacement being sent.

After arriving home from being on holiday for a week, I was genuinely so pleased to see the little Lime Crime box waiting for me, it must have been sent by priority shipping to have arrived so soon. 

I compared my two Faded Velvetines with swatches straight away and I am insanely pleased with my replacement. The lipstick consistency is even, thick and it actually stayed when I scrubbed it with makeup remover, a massive difference to my original Faded Velvetine which was gone in one quick swipe. It is also WAY more true to the actual lilac colour, compared to my original which looked brown, hooray!

I am genuinely over the moon with my experience of customer care from Lime Crime. My issue was dealt with reasonably quickly and being totally honest I would score the whole thing an 8/10 due to the fast response, replacement and no quibble policy. I'm so happy this turned out the way it did - I'd have been gutted to have to boycott them due to bad service, but luckily I'm thrilled.

Obviously my first Velvetine must have been from a bad batch, or even been mislabeled due to the colours drying totally different, but I'm so glad Lime Crime accepted responsibility for the mistake and solved the problem.


A HUGE thank you to Nicole at Lime Crime, you're an absolute star!


  1. The difference is crazy! disappointing about the wait for a reply but at least they were kind enough to send out a replacement, colour looks lovely on you x
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. I was amazed by the difference! And thank you xx

  2. Nothing better than a great brand with good customer service to boot! The difference in colour and texture is unbelievable glad you got it all sorted easily x

    1. Exactly! They're my favourite brand so I would have been gutted if I'd received bad service xx

  3. Even with all the controversy with Lime Crime, I'm happy you had a good experience!

    xx, The Makeup Feed

  4. there's a huge difference between original & replacement! That customer service was so good afterall, even though I would be pretty annoyed of the slow response to the second email too haha :D

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

    1. It's crazy isn't it! I was a tad bit annoyed, but I work in online sales too so I understand how busy they are xx

  5. I had this same issue with Sleek but even the replacement they sent was the same and I've had to bin them. It's good Lime Crime have better customer service!

    Emmy | EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin

  6. I've honestly heard such bad things about Lime Crime customer service in the past with the whole controversy and everything, its really good to hear they're trying to turn it around!

    Sophie xo

    1. So have I, which is why I was pretty nervous that they would be rude / ignore me! But I'm so glad they were perfectly helpful and lovely xx

  7. The colour difference of them both is INSANE. So glad you got it sorted though!

    - Chloe


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