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Why I Will No Longer Buy From Too Faced

Isn't it awful when your go-to beauty brand lets you down, to the point where you no longer want to buy from them? I recently had an experience with Too Faced which has left me reeling and questioning where I spend my hard-earned cash. Before you all die of shock, don't panic. I'm not boycotting Too Faced, I'm just no longer buying directly from their website. Here's why...

200k Beauty Giveaway!

I can hardly express how truly proud I am that Dainty Alice has hit 200,000 all-time page views! It's barely been nine months since I celebrated 100,000 with a Too Faced palette giveaway, so I could hardly resist hosting another one to mark the occasion. This time it's bigger and better as a way of giving back to all my lovely followers and readers, and saying 'thank you' for the constant support and love my blog has been given over the past year and a half.

Making Time For Blogging

For a lucky few, blogging is more than just a hobby. Some of the top influencers manage to make a living out of their blog quite nicely, however for the majority of us blogging is a side hustle. So how do we manage to make time for blogging alongside full-time jobs, college, parenting and more? I asked a few blogging babes who work full-time to share their secrets in this post today.

6 Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following

Image source: A Girl, Obsessed / Mandy Ferrugia

With what appears to be hundreds of fresh-faced new beauty bloggers joining the blogosphere every day, it seems to be getting harder to keep up with the ones to watch. I went scrolling down my social media feeds to pick out my favourite beauty bloggers who don't (yet) have Zoella levels of fame, but are my absolute go-to girls when it comes to all things beauty.

Why I'm Selling My Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

That's right girls, I got my hands on the currently most-hyped palette in the beauty world - the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. When it was pre-released in limited quantities a few weeks ago, the beauty blogging world was frantic. You either managed to order the palette, or you didn't. It was mega-stressful, but I was so proud when I managed to get it. So... Why in the hell am I selling it?

How To Create A Routine To Grow Your Social Media

Like many bloggers, social media is the main source of traffic for my blog, so it's important that I focus on continually growing a decent following across all of my platforms. As I work full time and enjoy having lazy weekends, I created a simple routine which makes my social media management a lot easier, without needing to be online 24/7 to see results.

Too Faced Peaches & Cream Collection Sneak Peek

If you saw my excited tweets earlier, you'll know how absolutely buzzing I am for the release of Too Faced's new Peaches & Cream makeup collection. The "comfortably matte" collection itself has been teased on Jerrod Blandino's Instagram since March, however the full details and prices of all the products has only been announced this past week, so I couldn't resist jumping on the hype train to write about them myself.