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That New Boyfriend Smell

There is something incredibly exciting about getting into a new relationship, and I like to call it the "new boyfriend smell," similar to the smell of a new car, or a designer handbag. Everything is fun and fresh whilst you are getting to know each other, then after a while that new boyfriend smell starts to fade into something more comfortable, like morning coffee and warm woollen jumpers.

DIY American Cream Pink Conditioner

If you're brave enough to follow me on Twitter, you'll know that this past weekend I dyed all of my hair candyfloss pink, something I've wanted to do since my 2012 'Scene' days. I've had bits of pink in my hair before, but it's always rinsed out after one wash, so this time I'm taking extra measures to keep the pretty pink as long as possible, starting with my own DIY pink conditioner.

Review: Dirty Peach Kylie Lip Kit

In my last post about Kylie Cosmetics, I mentioned how I was desperate to order both Dirty Peach and Lovebite, so imagine my excitement last month when I saw on Twitter that she had a 2-for-1 sale going on. Unfortunately, when then arrived I found that Lovebite did not suit me at all, so instead of a double review, this post will focus solely on the Dirty Peach lip kit.