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3 Beauty Products For When Sleep Doesn't Come Naturally

I hate Sundays. I find myself wasting the day by not getting dressed until dinner time and watching countless episodes of Shameless instead of writing blog posts. After having such a lazy day combined with the sheer dread of going back to work the next morning, I find myself not being able to get to sleep most Sunday nights.

Review: LUSH H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

I’ve been bleaching my own hair with box dyes for the past 8 years, and so the health of my hair has always been something that I have a serious love/hate relationship with. It’ll finally get to the point where it’s almost healthy, then I’ll bleach the life out of it once again. It’s a constant vicious cycle that I just can’t seem to break, hence my fixation with hair treatments, conditioners and shampoos.

6 Lazy Beauty Tips To Feel Gorgeous Every Day

In my opinion, Fridays suck. It's almost the weekend, but still not quite there yet. You have to somehow struggle through the whole day when all you want to do is skip to the good bit. On a Friday I can barely be bothered to brush my hair, and often sit at my desk looking bedraggled as I devour my 'Fat Friday' pizza, wishing that 5pm would come ASAP. On days like this, these lazy beauty tips are my absolute saviours.