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Trialling Four High-End Foundations

I've been wearing foundation daily since I was thirteen, yet have never felt like I've truly found 'the one.' I have chopped and changed between different drugstore foundations, however they have never given me exactly the finish I've been looking for. Over the last month, I have been trialling different high-end foundations kindly sent by Fragrance Direct in order to rate how they compare against each other and whether they're really worth shelling out on.

Blogging Expectations VS Reality

When we all first started out fresh-faced blogging newbies, we had big, shiny ideas of what to expect from blogging. Would we become famous overnight and be hailed as the next Zoella? Would brands be clambering at our feet to send us buckets of samples? As lovely as it would be, we quickly found out that this isn’t the case. Here's four classic blogging expectations vs the reality.

If Looks Could KILL: The Dangers Of Fake Makeup

One of these lipsticks is a shady fake bitch. Can you tell which one?
If you saw my Twitter thread on Sunday morning, you'll know that exposing fake makeup is something that I am incredibly passionate and vocal about. Being a beauty blogger, I for one know how difficult it is being constantly bombarded with adverts for new high-end products that I can't afford, and how tempting it must be when you spot the exact same product on eBay for only a third of the price.

Review: MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil

Magic Organic Apothecary (MOA) is a herbal skincare brand which I had been dying to try since I first spotted the Aphrodite facial oil in reviews of the March Blogger Beauty Box last year. I was instantly drawn to the beautiful packaging and the delicate product names, so I was absolutely thrilled when MOA sent me a box full of goodies to try for myself last month.

A Whole New Look (For Myself & My Blog)

When things are the same for too long, I get restless and feel like doing something crazy. I'll get a new piercing, cut my hair or totally change up my style. The same goes for my blog. If I feel like Dainty Alice isn't progressing or improving as I think it should, I'll turn things around and head in a totally different direction with it.

Review: L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara

I've said it a hundred times and I will say it again - I am a makeup snob. If it's not high-end, I'm not interested. I also never buy anything that I haven't thoroughly researched reviews of first. So what was different about this Miss Baby Roll mascara that made me change my mind and buy it on impulse?

50 Photo Prop Ideas For Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers

I absolutely adore Instagram and would consider it my favourite form of social media, even more than Twitter. I get a lot of compliments from fellow bloggers on my photography and my use of props, so I thought I'd put together this post on 100 photo prop ideas to suit any beauty/lifestyle blog or Instagram feed.

A £20 Primark Homeware Haul

I absolutely love homeware, and Primark is one of the best places to pick up some really lovely little pieces. From the title, £20 may not seem like a huge amount to spend on a 'haul', but I managed to get six gorgeous items for that, which I think is an absolute bargain.

Mini Beauty Essentials For A Weekend Away

Isn't April just lovely? The days are finally getting longer and the weather is often better than it is in July and August. It's the perfect time to use your precious work holidays for an off-peak week in an all inclusive, or if you're a little pressed for cash (like me), a weekend away at the seaside.

The problem with April is that sun can quickly turn to showers, so packing clothing for all weathers takes up critical makeup bag space. Luckily, these miniature beauty products are perfect to stash in your suitcase without compromising on quality.