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Review: LUSH Aubergine Bath Bomb

LUSH has been causing a stir recently with their latest release of Valentine’s Day themed bath and body goodies. A saucier collection than we’ve seen in previous years, the star attraction is a big, purple, rather phallic-looking bath bomb by the name of Aubergine (also known as Eggplant in the US.)

Naturally, everyone has gone totally berserk for this naughty, pop-culture inspired bomb. We’ve had articles advising against the use of Aubergine as a sex toy (courtesy of hard-hitting news outlets, LADbible and Cosmopolitan) and the LUSH community has gone wild since discovering that Aubergine shares it’s scent with the cult favourite, 29 High Street perfume.

When it comes to bath bombs, size really does matter, so I’m pleased to report that Aubergine will guarantee satisfaction. Bigger than the palm of my hand, the £3.95 price tag is more than justified with a sizeable bath bomb that won’t leave you wanting more.

In bomb form, Aubergine is a mid to dark purple colour, with bright green leaves at the top (tip?) of the bomb. It’s flat on the underside, whilst the top of the bomb is softly curved, to echo the shape of both the emoji and the actual vegetable. It’s pretty difficult to photograph this bath bomb due to the size (generous) and shape (girthy), with the added risk of all images looking a little NSFW.

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, Aubergine just so happens to be 29 High Street scented. A lot of thought was clearly put into the concept and design of this bomb, and adding this exclusive scent really is the cherry on top.

If you’ve never experienced the 29 High Street scent family before (the perfume is only available in Poole) you’ll still find it comfortingly familiar. In short, it’s the smell of a LUSH store, captured and bottled in one perfect perfume. If you’ve ever hunted down a LUSH store in a shopping centre based off scent alone, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s sweet, sultry, woodsy and sexy all at the same time, with top notes of bergamot, ho wood and tonka.

Saving the best for last, the bath art that Aubergine produces is absolutely spectacular. If you’ve made it this far into the review, I’m sure you will have noticed the stunning photos that I’ve included of the show it puts on.

Swirling perfectly on its own without need for stimulation, shades of purple, green and blue are released frothing into the water. Once the outer purple layer fizzes away, a torrent of blue foam spews from the thicker end of the bomb, while threads of almost neon green shoot out (ok, I’ve gone too far this time) from the opposite end.
Despite being described as a ‘fast-fizzing tip’, I found that Aubergine was actually a slow fizzer for the amount of bath art it produced. Checking the timestamps from my camera roll, the passionate act lasted at least 10 minutes, from the point of entry, until I got bored and finished it by hand with a quick squeeze. (I’ll show myself out.)

The final bath water was a magical, deep sparkly purple, much darker than Monster's Ball or Plum Pudding bath melt. Scented gloriously, I stayed in that bath for almost two hours, which is a huge achievement for me. Afterwards, my skin felt so silky and soft from the fresh aubergine extract, and I could smell 29HS on me for hours afterwards.

Overall, LUSH have really spoiled us with this delicious Valentine's Day release. I think it's probably my new favourite ever bath bomb (RIP Sex Bomb) and I'm very glad that I've massively stocked up on these to last me throughout the year.

Have you tried this cheeky treat?