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Budget-Friendly Makeup Brushes

Fluffy, cream-coloured brushes with white and copper handles are the sort of thing every beauty blogger dreams about. Whether using them to apply daily makeup, or as a fabulous flat lay accessory, brushes like these are coveted in the blogging community. Usually incredibly expensive, I instead found the perfect makeup brushes suited to any blogger's budget. Talk about some serious Instagram #goals.

What I Got For Christmas

I have been well and truly spoiled this year! Today has been an amazing day filled loads of good food, gin, family antics and lots of presents. I love seeing what my fellow bloggers received at this wonderful time of year, so I decided I would write my own Christmas present round-up post.

Review: LUSH American Pie Shower Jelly

LUSH's American Cream conditioner is my favourite scent in the entire world. If I was left alone with a bottle and no adult supervision, I'd probably eat it, that's how delicious it is. So when I saw the LUSH Kitchen had created a batch of shower jellies with the same gorgeous scent, I had to snap one up ASAP.