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Reasons Why Being A Makeup Addict SUCKS

I have too much makeup
 IT'S FRIDAY! If you've been paying attention to my blogging schedule, you'll know that means it's time for the latest instalment in my SUCKS series, and the focus of this ranty little post is the trials and tribulations that come from being a total makeup addict, like myself.

Your heart pounds when you pass by a makeup counter. You wait up until midnight for every limited edition release. You're a self-confessed makeup addict and proud, but sometimes it really SUCKS.

Review: Treaclemoon Marshmallow Hearts Shower Gel*

Treaclemoon Marshmallow Hearts Shower Gel

It's not a secret that I am a total girly-girl when it comes to my choice of bath and shower products. If it's pink, sweet-smelling or sparkly then I probably own it, not gonna lie. 

For months now my favourite shower time staple has been LUSH's Snow Fairy shower gel for it's gorgeous scent, but then I was lucky enough to receive this huuuuge bottle of Marshmallow Hearts shower gel from treaclemoon and omg, I'm bordeline obsessed. MOVE OVER LUSH (I still love you, just not as much, lol)

I Drank Coffee - Am I A REAL Blogger Yet?

If you read my post on reasons why being a lifestyle blogger sucks, you'll know I'm more geared towards a good old cuppa tea than a triple-shot double-foam low-fat whatever.

However, after seeing all the comments on the post I felt a little left out, like I wan't a proper blogger if I didn't drink coffee. There's so many blogging fads, 'rules' and bitchiness in the blogging community, it got me wondering about what is actually classed as a 'real' blogger, and how can I completely, totally and utterly debunk that status...

Reasons Why Being A Lifestyle Blogger SUCKS

It's Friii-YAY! So that means it's time for another instalment in my much-loved SUCKS series. *Deadpool voice* Cue the music.

You know what's difficult? Being a lifestyle blogger. My blog being a cross between lifestyle and beauty (with an emphasis on lifestyle) brings me so much happiness, but some days I wish I'd just stuck to beauty. Today's ranty little post is a list of reasons why being a lifestyle blogger SUCKS.

Review: Banana Split Face Mask

This mask makes me feel like a true banana goddess, I'm so obsessed with it right now!
Hello my darlings! Last Friday I was at Meadowhall as part of a college trip and I decided to pick up a few fabulous Montagne Jeunesse (I can't pronounce that) face masks from Primark as they were only 80p each. I first tried this brand of face masks absolutely years ago when they were available from Claire's Accessories and couldn't wait to try them again.

I had no college on Monday morning, which means it was the perfect opportunity to try a face mask. I chose the banana split mask as I have a mild obsession with banana milkshake, and I simply fancied a change from my usual morning skincare routine. 

So how did I get along with this mask? Basically, I became a banana goddess...

Review: EOS Lip Balm - Sweet Mint

Hello my darlings! So after I wrote my (overwhelmingly popular) post on Tasty Treatments for Chapped Lips I was flooded with comments on Twitter saying I needed to try the hugely worshipped Evolution Of Smooth lip balms. Well it just so happens that when I was in Boots on Wednesday, I spotted some for sale in the lipcare section! Never before have I seen EOS lip balms for sale in stores and not online, so I quickly grabbed two and ran to the counter.

Instead of doing a joint EOS post, I have decided to review them separately. This post focuses on the beautiful Sweet Mint flavour balm as *spoiler alert* it's my favourite so far.