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A Blush Pink & Nude Missguided Wish List

With Spring beginning to peek round the corner, I think it may be time to treat myself to a shopping spree of the season's must-have hues of blush pink and nude. As Missguided is fast becoming one of my favourite fashion retailers thanks to the quality, style and pricing of their clothes, I decided to compile a wish list of my favourite on-trend pieces (and start pleading for payday to come as soon as possible...)

Please note that this post contains affiliate links - a girl's gotta earn that dollar!

A Magical Little LUSH Haul

When I first stepped into the LUSH shop after being paid last week, my initial plan was to stock up on the newly-released Valentine's Day collection. However as usual, the course of true love never does run smooth and I ended up leaving with a bag full of the regular LUSH products which had never before captured my eye, along with a little bit of magic (of course.)

The Dark Side Of Working With Brands

Working with brands can be so much fun. Feeling like you're finally being rewarded for all the hard work you've put into your blog by being gifted pretty products and amazing opportunities is one of the best parts of blogging. However, it seems like there's another side to working with brands which often stays hidden away by bloggers for fear of ending up on a PR's blacklist. This is the dark side of working with brands, and it's not a pleasant place at all...

5 Things I Learned From Social Media Free Mornings

On a usual weekday, I'll wake up and scroll through my various social media channels, catching up over everything that has happened whilst I was asleep. I'll text my boyfriend, schedule some tweets and refresh my emails every few minutes, all whilst trying to do my makeup and get ready for work.