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My LUSH Hair Product Collection

In my eyes, LUSH can do no wrong. Whatever beauty product they turn their hand to, whether it be body lotions, bath bombs or shaving cream, the result is always something spectacular. I do however hold a special place in my heart for LUSH hair products and have built up a decent stash of goodies that due to their extended shelf life, I can alternate depending on what my hair needs that day, leaving me with a LUSH solution for every hair-care problem!

My Interview At Benefit Cosmetics

Last week I was lucky enough to score an interview at beauty super-brand Benefit Cosmetics. As one of my favourite makeup brands ever, I was incredibly excited at the chance to prove myself and score my 'dream career'. A little spoiler alert - I'm pretty certain I didn't get the job for reasons I will expand on later, but I did end up learning a lot about both myself and Benefit as a company throughout the whole process.

Why I'm Happy To Be An Introvert

Picture the scene; It's 7pm on a Friday night and I'm snuggled down in bed with my boyfriend. We're on our eighth episode of Scrubs and I'm scheduling tweets whilst Adrian asks if I'd prefer Chinese or pizza for tea. It's a little different to the Friday night antics that Katy Perry sang about, but to me, it's perfect.

Confessions Of An Instagram 'Cheat'

Instagram bots, playing 'follow for follow' and false accusations - There's a lot kicking off in the blogging world right now regarding Instagram. It seems that alorgrithm changes and shadow bans were just the beginning of all the drama surrounding the app, as now bloggers and brands are being called out for using 'bots' to inorganically grow their following and buy likes. It's a shocking revelation that has thrown the blogosphere into chaos, but how would you react if you found out that your blogging bestie had been faking the likes on her #OOTD pics?

Review: Charlotte Tilbury 'Scent Of A Dream' Perfume

From the moment I first stepped into the Charlotte Tilbury boutique in Covent Garden, I knew I needed Scent Of A Dream. The whole shop smelled so enticing, but as much as I lusted after it I just couldn't justify the high-end price tag at the time. Fast forward a month and I finally have the glamorous bottle in my hands after a spontaneous trip to Meadowhall. It's already my favourite perfume, so what drew me to this vintage-inspired "fluerotic" scent?

Review: LUSH Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask

Just look at that dreamy blue! LUSH fresh face masks are something I've always been interested in trying, but have never actually done so until I had a trial of Don't Look At Me in the Lincoln store. The little pamper session left me desperate to try Don't Look At Me properly, so I picked up a £7.25 tub for myself the same day.