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So, What Happened To The LUSH Kitchen?

Bye bye Miss American Pie - Who's knows when you'll be returning now the Kitchen has closed?
When it comes to Kitchen products, I tend to suffer from a serious case of FOMO if I don't get my hands on the most hyped exclusive that week. Why? Because something comes over me when I see the words 'limited edition' - I must have it all. So imagine my absolute horror when I heard the news that the LUSH Kitchen is closing it's doors as we know it. How will I manage to try everything on my forgotten products wishlist without The Kitchen?!

Guest Post: A Spooktacular LUSH Halloween Haul

For those who know me, they know that I have a major LUSH obsession… perhaps not as much as Alice… but still pretty high up there. I decided that I would do a Halloween LUSH haul and share with you the amazing products and what I thought about them.  My haul included both Halloween and ordinary products, I’ve reviewed the ordinary products on my blog and also given both the Halloween and ordinary products a rating out of 5 stars on that post, which can be found here.

A First Look At The 2017 LUSH Christmas Collection

With only nine weeks left to go, Christmas products are appearing in LUSH stores and online by the dozen. Overall there is an astounding sixty four products in the Christmas collection, a mix of both brand-new goodies and returning favourites including bath bombs, shower gels, body conditioners and soap. I couldn't resist picking up a handful of Christmas treats the last time I was in store, so here's a little look at and my first impressions of products from the LUSH Christmas release!

Review: LUSH Buck's Fizz Body Conditioner

This time of year, nobody looks forward to standing in a freezing bathroom after a shower for any longer than absolutely necessary. It's one of life's cruellest choices - either risk frostbite from trying to apply body lotion as fast as possible, or skip the entire ordeal and end up with dry, chapped skin as a result of the cold weather anyway. I'd always scorned LUSH's body conditioners until faced with this very dilemma, which is when I realised how absolutely genius they really are.

3 LUSH Products For Bleach-Damaged Blonde Hair

Despite being more-or-less a natural blonde, I still choose to bleach my hair to an almost white shade every couple of months. As I do it myself with box dyes, my hair can become very dry and brittle due to the bleach, although it hasn't actually snapped off just yet (fingers crossed.) I believe this is due to me taking good hair of my locks with various lotions and potions, and my absolute favourite brand for blonde hair care just has to be LUSH.

My LUSH 20th Birthday Mini-Haul

Last Saturday was my 20th birthday, so naturally I received some gorgeous LUSH goodies from my parents. I have never been more excited to rip open a LUSH delivery box and reveal the contents within, especially as I had already forgotten which products I'd chosen! I was really lucky with the timing of my birthday and the Halloween and Christmas goodies had just been released, so I had plenty of new products to pick from.

Review: LUSH Marilyn Hot Oil Hair Treatment

LUSH hair treatments are a range of products that I keep being constantly recommended. Whether it's Damaged for dry hair, New to stimulate growth or Yuge for volume, there seems to be treatment for everyone. I picked up Marilyn hot oil treatment for myself after noticing how brassy and yellow my blonde locks had become, and my lovely friend Becca chose Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Ease to try out on her dry, colour-damaged hair.

My LUSH Evening Skincare Routine

One of my favourite things about LUSH is that their skincare range is so versatile, it's really easy to build yourself a routine that works perfectly. I always try my hardest to properly remove my makeup and look after my skin in the evenings, so through a little trial-and-error of different products I came up with a routine that both suits my skin type and isn't a massive hassle to stick to.

Review: LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturiser

My skin is combination-oily, yet really dries out in Winter due to a mixture of the cold weather and the air conditioning at work. This time of year I need to start looking for a really creamy, rich moisturiser to repair my skin overnight, so I decided on a whim to pick up a pot of Celestial during my last visit to LUSH.

5 LUSH Products I Will Forever Repurchase

I love trying different LUSH products and discovering new ranges, but we all have those fail-safe products that we end up going back to time and time again. These are the products that I know work my for me, my skin and my hair, and I will always go running to in the event of an emergency. It's good to try new things, but when it comes to my favourite LUSH products it's forever a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Review: LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion

We're all used to reading the "omg it works sooo well" reviews when it comes to beauty and skincare products, but very rarely are we presented with HARD FACTS by beauty bloggers. When I first saw the hype surrounding the magical powers of LUSH's Sleepy body lotion, I knew I needed to properly test it to see if it really was a 'miracle cure' for insomnia. In this instance, slathering it on my skin and commenting on the scent just wouldn't be enough, so I instead pulled out my old GCSE textbooks and Bunsen burner (er, not really) to go about it in a much more scientific way.

Introducing #LUSHTOBER

As if I forgot that September has only 30 days. I thought I had a whole day to write the introduction to the most important series on my blog ever, but instead I'm typing this as fast as possible, whilst necking as much gin as I can physically get into my system (at least I'm keeping it classy.)