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DIY Perfectly Pale Foundation

I myself am as fair as they come, a pale princess, meaning I can literally never find a foundation shade to match my skin tone. Because of this, I've started creating my own foundation.

It's incredibly easy, and this little post will show you exactly how to rock your pretty pale complexion to the fullest with this simple DIY.

Step One: Find Your Foundation

The first thing is to find a foundation which you love, one which is totally perfect except for the colour. I have a few favourites which include Benefit's Hello Flawless and MAC's Studio Sculpt, but for me true perfection is the Maybelline Dream Velvet soft-matte foundation in 'Ivory'. It has a beautiful, velvety finish, fabulous application and lasts all day. It's just that teeny tiny bit too dark, which brings us to step two...

Step Two: Choose Your Lightener

Once I started researching I found that there's actually quite a few brands which supply their own pure white foundation, two of these being MAC and Illamasqua. However, if you've already forked out a small fortune on a too-dark MAC Face & Body, you'll be wanting a cheaper lightener to prevent breaking the bank. For this I've chosen NYX's Pro Foundation Mixer in 03, which is totally white. This is available for just £7.50 and comes in six shades, including a beautiful 'Opal' pearlescent mixer.

Step Three: Mix Your Foundation

It's as easy as it says, simply keep adding little bits of your lightener to your foundation and testing it on your jaw until you find your perfect match. Don't be afraid of going 'too pale' as you can always liven up your complexion with blusher and bronzer.

Step Four: Pot it!

This step is totally optional and I prefer to mix my own foundation fresh every morning, but once you've mixed your perfect foundation shade, triple up the mixture and store it in a pot or bottle for the following days. A good pot for this would be a rinsed out LUSH pot - I'm sure everyone has a few lying around - and never struggle with a too dark foundation ever again.

Will you be mixing your own perfectly pale foundation?
Let me know how it goes in the comments!


  1. Ooh, I didn't know NYX has a foundation mixer. The only ones I've heard of are from Cover FX and The Body Shop. Learned something new today. Thanks! :)

    Jorj | Mad Cherry

  2. This post was definitely made for me;)!
    I've only just heard of foundation mixers and I'm so excited to test mine!
    Fab post.
    Charlotte xx

  3. I do this, too! I currently use an ELF foundation, mixed with a light moisturiser and I love it. The only issue is, it's still a *tad* too dark. Being as pale as a ghost sucks sometimes!

    - Vee // veeosullivan.co.uk

  4. Oh my gosh I need that white mixer! I currently use the body shop lightening drops but this sounds perfect xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. I've only ever heard of The Body Shop's lightener. Definitely going to hop on over and try the NYX one!

    Is from www.five-foot-seven.blogspot.co.uk


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