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Why I'm Happy To Wear "Too Much Makeup"

My boyfriend said to me again recently, as he does almost every other day when I'm whining that my foundation didn't come out right; "Babe, you don't need makeup." As usual, I laugh at him and roll my eyes, turning back to the mirror. He doesn't understand, bless him.

I don't wear makeup because I feel I need it. I wear it because I love it. Makeup is fun, it can turn me into a totally different person from one day to the next. But in a world where girls and women are shamed for wearing "too much makeup", it seems a lot of people just don't understand our reasons for piling on the slap.

I wear full makeup every day and have done so for about a year now. No matter where I'm going, I will still take the time to blend my foundation, paint on my brows and smoke out my eyeshadow, whether I'm out on the razz (rare) or just popping to Asda (most likely.)

In fact, my idea of minimal makeup is still full foundation, eyebrows and mascara, which gives you an idea of just how much makeup I like to wear.

Note how I said 'like' to wear? Well that's exactly the point. As I already mentioned, I love makeup. I love the smell of a Too Faced palette, the taste of a Benefit lipgloss and the creamy texture of a MAC lipstick when swiped across my lips. I love making an impression on people, hearing "I love your eyeshadow!"

Makeup to me is more than just a hobby or a guilty pleasure, I feel it's a way of expressing myself day in, day out. Do I want to look sassy today, with smoky red eyeshadow and dark lips? Or do I want to look sweet, with ballerina-pink cheeks and delicately winged eyeliner? I start each day with a blank canvas of pale skin and freckles staring back at me from the mirror as I decide who I want to be that day.

For me, makeup is also a way of escaping. If I'm upset or bored, I'll sit and swatch colours down my arms and legs, or turn myself into Kylie Jenner for an hour or so with nude eyeshadow and liquid lipsticks. I'll simply play.

So many people just don't understand this! You see posts on Facebook all the time with the caption 'this looks better than this', comparing a natural brow to a fully fleeked one. Comments from men such as "take her swimming on the first date", as if to imply that there's something hideous lurking beneath our flawless contour.

Girls who wear makeup are not ugly or insecure. Yes, a lot of people who wear makeup use it to hide blemishes or to feel more confident, but what's wrong with that? If you feel more confident as 'Alice the Glow Queen Unicorn Princess YAAAS' rather than just 'Alice', then you shouldn't let anybody take that away, ever. And if you don't wear makeup? That's also awesome. Just keep doing you, boo.

So I will never, ever let anybody dull my sparkle by telling me I wear too much makeup. I'll simply smile, then throw glitter at them. That'll show them.

Keep glowing bitches.


  1. Loved this! I hate how much stigma there is attached to makeup, and people assume those who love makeup are lacking in the intelligence department. It's just a hobby, and it makes us feel good - it's not harming anyone! xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Such an amazing post! I'm just like you, truly in love with makeup. My boyfriend tells me the exact same thing that I don't need it but I've explained to him that makeup is my creative outlet. Now he even watches makeup tutorials with me!!

    Frankie xx


    1. YAAAAAASSS girl! I just dropped £100 on 4 Too Faced products, not even guilty *sassy hair flip* xx

  3. So true! Makeup can definitely be more than just wanting to cover up xx

  4. Absolutely amazing post! It really made me smile whilst I read it putting on my makeup this morning! Perfect!

  5. Would love to pile the makeup on (not really pile-pile on, but I know you understand haha), but no, my poor little face won't allow it because Asian skin=sensitive skin. Haha. So there are days that I don't go on makeup because no matter how mild they are, my face will react. However, on my good days, I have my go-to look when I go to work. Like this one here. I also love The Body Shop's loose powder because it has GREAT STAYING POWER. It locks in all the oil (combination skin woes, yeah), and I look radiant all day!

    I think not a lot of people understand how makeup transforms us. Provided that it's put on with care and much thought, it does wonders for your mood. And makes you look put together, bright-eyed and ready to take on the world (even if you don't feel like it).

    And there's nothing like the satisfaction a girl normally has when she's made the perfect cat eye flick. ;)

    Chasing Dreams.(sorry, name change, but still the same url! :))


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