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Staying Organised With Ban.do And Rooi

I am quite possibly the most unorganised blogger ever, which reflected on me badly the other night when I lost all my photos for the upcoming month due to my memory card corrupting. Luckily my dad managed to recover the images for me, but it would never have happened if I had been less lazy and saved my photos properly. Therefore, I am vowing to become more organised, and the lovely lot over at Rooi sent me loads of fabulous Ban.do goodies to help me do just that.

Review: Primark Unicorn Bae Adhesive Nails

I'm quickly turning into one of those girls who always has to have her nails done. My acrylics had barely been popped off five days before I spotted this gorgeous set of adhesives in Primark. As soon as I laid eyes on the tiny, holographic unicorn I knew they were going straight in my basket. 

A Love Letter To The Comforter

I've had love affairs with LUSH soaps, jellies, gels and scrubs, but none have been as passionate or tragically short-lived as my romance with The Comforter. Upon hearing of it's discontinuation, I decided to pick up my first-ever bottle last week. In the most twisted turn of events, The Comforter has turned out to be my mysterious Mr. Right I have been waiting my whole life to meet... and I'll never be able to own a bottle of it again. It's now out of stock everywhere, forever, never to be seen again.

Alone again... Naturally.

The Ultimate Guide To Beautiful Blog Photography

Crafting gorgeous photos is my absolute favourite thing about being a blogger. I recently stumbled across some photos from 2015 when I first started blogging, and was so shocked at how awful they were that I made a twitter thread showcasing the difference two years had made. From that thread, I received loads of requests to share my 'secrets' and how I had improved my photos to the quality that they are now, so I decided to put together this ultimate guide to beautiful blog photography.

Review: LUSH Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask

LUSH Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask
If you were one of the people mouthing "what the fu..." under your breath when you saw LUSH had released jelly (???) face masks, then this review is for you. I for one was pretty excited when I saw the selection of jelly products pop up on the LUSH website as my face masks usually go out of date before I've used them all up, so to have something a little different and longer-lasting intrigued me.

Review: LUSH Honey Gift Box

Living by the "treat yo'self" mentality, I always make sure to order myself lots of goodies each time payday comes around. This month's spoils were in the form of a lovely LUSH haul, which included the newly-released Honey gift box.

Strangely enough, I actually hate honey. I can vaguely remember my grandpa giving me a spoonful of honey when I was younger to cure a cold, and immediately being sick. I haven't had it since, but after playing with the Scrubee body butter at the Mother's Day launch event and adoring the sweet scent of it, I added the Honey gift box to my basket when I spotted it online this payday.

What's In My Holiday Beauty Bag?

I'm writing this snuggled up in bed very excited, as in less than seven hours time we are setting off for holiday! This year we are headed to Tintagel in Cornwall, and my boyfriend is joining us halfway through the week. I have been looking forward to this holiday for months, as after recently changing job roles I have really needed a decent break away from work! This year I have upgraded to a larger toiletry bag and just couldn't resist this adorable Rugrats one from Primark. It's super cute, so let's take a look inside...