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The Return Of The Glossy Lip - 4 Pretty Pink Lipglosses For Spring

Gone are the plum and berry shades of Winter makeup, and I'm very happy to welcome back soft pastel hues into my life, especially as glossy lips are making a big comeback this season. Spring is basically an excuse for the pinks, peaches and creams to scream "I'M BACK BITCH" as we welcome in brighter days and airy, Spring weather.

Spring is a season where us pale blondes thrive, however these 4 pretty pink Spring lipglosses will suit any complexion.

Spectrum Makeup Brushes Haul

When I say I'm gonna 'treat myself', what I really mean is 'I'm gonna spend every last penny I have and call it a treat.' Which is pretty much exactly what I did. I treated myself to a £40 Spectrum makeup brushes haul. But it's ok because I needed them.

And be honest with me, they are so totally worth it.

A MAC Studio Sculpt Dupe For £7.99?

I recently used up my tester of MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation and decided it was absolutely the one for me. I loved the colour, the weightlessness, the texture. The only thing I didn't love was the price - £25.50 seemed a bit much to spend on foundation.

So imagine how thrilled I was when I stumbled upon a total duplicate of it for only £7.99...

Why I Cancelled My Birchbox Subscription

Really Birchbox? FOOT CREAM? I'm 18, not 80.
It was only February when I received my first ever Birchbox and I was absolutely singing its praises. I received a gorgeous Spectrum makeup brush and I couldn't wait to receive next months box.

Fast forward to only two boxes later and I am already sick and tired of the junk Birchbox have been sending. How on earth could I have ever been so in love with it?

£12 Discount Beauty Haul

I may sometimes be known to exaggerate, but I'm pretty certain that my heart actually stopped for about an hour this last weekend. Why? Because I stumbled upon a discount beauty store. A whole store, just for reduced makeup. 

Asdfghjkl is the only 'word' to properly describe my reaction.

Review: Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette

Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette Review
Guys, I did it. I managed to get my hands on the limited edition Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly eyeshadow palette. If you've kept up with my Twitter, you'll know I have been totally obsessed with wanting this product since sneak-peeks of it were released waaaayyyy back in October. And now I have it. And it was totally worth every. last. penny. I could hardly contain myself when I got home from college and saw the Too Faced box waiting for me!

WARNING: This palette is breath-takingly gorgeous, but also limited edition and currently sold out. So please try and control your jealousy throughout this review *wink*.

Review: LUSH Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water

LUSH Breath Of Fresh Air Review Dainty AliceWhen my Body Shop seaweed toner ran out, I thought it was time to replace it with a toner from LUSH. I was recommended the Breath Of Fresh Air toner in-store as the best for reducing redness, which is something my skin has always struggled with.

After being faithful to the Body Shop for almost 3 years, trying a new toner is a big step for me.

Why I'll NEVER Be A Fashion Blogger

My blog spans a lot of topics including beauty, lifestyle, skincare and random rants. Skincare was especially one thing I didn't expect my blog to be known for, but I found writing the product reviews and routines so enjoyable and it grew from there. I love writing about a variety of subjects, some more random than others, but one thing I will pretty much never write about is fashion.

When I first started blogging I described myself as a 'Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger' just because it seemed the 'in' thing to do. Oh how wrong I was. I remember standing on my tip toes against the one white wall in my bedroom, sucking in my stomach and holding my skirt out. Nah. I knew straight away fashion blogging wasn't for me...