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July 2016 Instagram Round-Up

I've been pretty active on Instagram this past month and so thought it would be fun to do my first Instagram round-up. I tend to post more about my life outside blogging on my Instagram than I do on my blog or Twitter, so I feel explaining the moments behind the photos would be a great way for you all to get to know me better.

Top left: My henna design I got at a fundraiser ran by my best friend. The funny thing was, she seemed to know more about henna than the lady doing it!

Top middle: A photo showing what I'm packing in my holiday bag, the full post can be found at this link.

Top right: I drove Sam to Worksop so we could buy some holiday clothes, and we found ourselves once again in our favourite cafe. My milkshake was banana and Sam had Vanilla.

Bottom right: A simplistic photo to go with my post all about what I had learned at my new job. When taking this photo, I literally threw whatever was next to me into an arrangement and made it work!

Bottom middle: My gorgeous new lipsticks from Make Up For Ever.

Bottom right: I had a fringe cut in! It's pretty difficult to style, especially after I've washed it, but I totally love it.

Top left: Another shot of my Make Up For Ever lippies, however only two of them as I had left the third at my friend's house by accident!

Top middle: My absolutely gorgeous Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave palette. It took me so long to take a photo where I didn't have a reflection of myself in.

Top right: Reminiscing on when Sam and I first got together with a screenshot of a text he sent me the first week we met. The background photo is from last years holiday to Lyme Regis.

Bottom left: A photo from my post on how to have a perfect pamper night, showing off my lovely LUSH Sex Bomb.

Bottom middle: Showing swatches of MAC's Velvet Teddy compared to NYX's Bedtime Flirt.

Bottom right: A little teaser for my post of a fabulous MAC dupe

Top left: It's my best friend's 18th birthday, so I posted this picture to wish her happy birthday - it's a throwback of us from the Benefit brows event.

Top middle: A sneak peek at my goodie box from the Illamasqua bloggers event.

Top right: I posted this on a monday morning when I felt absolutely shattered, with still 3 weeks left until payday!

Bottom left: A photo of my lovely Benefit Hello Flawless foundation, taken from my post on the same subject

Bottom middle: My first ever bag spill photo and I think it turned out pretty good. The phot was taken for a post on beauty products I was trying throughout July.

Bottom right: The gorgeous Benefit skincare collection which I picked up for half price at John Lewis in Meadowhall.

Top left: A photo of all the gorgeous blushers from the Illamasqua vegan products event, I wanted to buy one sooooo badly but they were crazy expensive.

Top middle: both my Lime Crime Venus palettes together - I still can't really decide which one is my favourite, I absolutely adore both.

Top right: Comparing my eyeshadow primers for price and quality, the whole post on primers can be found here.

Top left: The first time I drove my car all on my own! I went to visit my auntie who lives just round the corner to me, then I thought 'sod it' and drove to Worksop by myself.

Bottom middle: At our favourite cafe in Worksop, I had the most amazing strawberry milkshake with lots of cream and sprinkles (Sam was boring and had tea.)

I hope you loved seeing my photos and reading the little story snippets behind them - You can follow me on instagram at @daintyalice

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  1. The text is so sweet! Beautiful photos x


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