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Review: LUSH Aqua Marina

Hello my lovelies. I seem to be making LUSH skincare reviews a frequent thing with my Ocean Salt review last week and my Angels on Bare Skin review the week before, but this is only due to the sheer amount of gorgeous LUSH products that I own!

The focus of today's review is Aqua Marina, which is a fresh face and body cleanser suitable for most skin types, especially oily and sensitive skin.

Obviously, this cleanser is gorgeous, as most products from LUSH usually are. It comes in the simple black tub typical of LUSH products with a screw on lid, which makes it easy to just chuck into my overnight bag without any spillage.

Aqua Marina was the first LUSH product I had ever bought, aged a mere fifteen. I had entered into the store with the initial intention of purchasing Angels On Bare Skin after seeing a friend use it at a sleepover, however left with Aqua Marina after being recommended it by a store assistant with bright pink hair and a lip ring. Thank you sales girl - I owe you my fabulous skin!

Aqua Marina is suited to most skin types, even sensitive skin, as it contains really mild ingredients. I myself have quite bad combination skin; my forehead and chin are quite oily, while my cheeks and nose can be flaky and dry. This cleanser is definitely suited for oily skin as it strips away dirt and oils, yet at the same time lightly exfoliating and hydrating dry skin.

I lovingly refer to this cleanser as my 'Pink Fish Paste' due to the seaweed and scent of the cleanser. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't smell fishy, it smells fresh and salty, like a day at the seaside.

I love how soft this cleanser leaves my skin, I end up using moisturiser out of habit instead of actually needing it. I hardly ever get any spots and I can 100% put that down to this product as I have been using it for almost three years solid.

One downside to the product is that as it contains fresh ingredients, it has an expiry date that doesn't last very long. However, if you go through it as fast as I do then this shouldn't be a problem. I have also heard tales of storing it in the fridge in order to extend the shelf life, but I have yet to try this myself.

I scooped a small amount of this cleanser into a spare pot I had around in order to give my friend a sample to try. She had complained about oily skin and how she hadn't found anything to sort it, yet after trying Aqua Marina for two days she thought it was awesome and is going to buy her own!

I would honestly recommend this cleanser for anyone and everyone. It's really gentle, smells gorgeous, and leaves skin silky smooth and baby-soft. It's most definitely a firm favourite of mine and the cleansing product I have been using the longest out of my huge skincare stash.

Have you tried Aqua Marina yet?
What product have you been using the longest?


  1. Wow I have never tried this !! But definitely want to give it a go as I have oily skin!! It definitely looks interesting hehe!! Fab post lovely !!


    1. It's seriously the best thing ever, I find it to be so amazing for oily skin and it smells awesome! xx

  2. I'm a big fan of Lush, I need to get on this! Sounds like my kind of product!
    Cleaning your teeth and braces for a brighter smile over on -

    1. I'm a huge Lushie, yet I always find myself coming back to this product time and time again xx

  3. I've been meaning to purchase some Lush products as most people go crazy over the bath bombs and lip scrubs! But I need something like this to keep the oil at bay and looks like I'll be picking this up too! ��
    Shannon | www.shannonkara.com


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