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Reasons Why Dating A Beauty Blogger SUCKS

Hello my lovelies, and welcome to the second instalment in my Everything SUCKS series. I'm a little bit late to the party here, but back in January Cosmopolitan posted an article titled "15 things you should know before dating a girl who blogs" which not only was factually inaccurate and simply ew, it was actually extremely insulting to us bloggers who don't actually live off freebies (ie, all of us.)

So for a bit of a giggle, I've come up with some real information about what it's like to date a blogger and a list of reasons why dating a beauty blogger SUCKS *insert laugh emoji*

We will make you read our posts.

We're not playing with any of this 'modest' and 'shy' blogger stuff. We want you to read ALL THE POSTS. Before we post them, after we post them, and special brownie points if you share them on Facebook afterwards. You may be our boyfriends, but those page views still count! We don't care if you aren't interested in our review about eyeshadow palettes, JUST READ IT.

We won't text you back for hours...

Usually because we've just spent a stupid amount of time editing a photo of a makeup brush until the brightness is just right. THESE THINGS TAKE TIME OKAY. You can't just expect us to prioritise you over our blog - ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

We talk about our blogging friends as if you know them too.

I am so guilty of this one myself. I will be quietly scrolling on my phone before bursting out "OMG Saira / Vicki / Hana just bought the nicest lipstick!" then falling back into silence, leaving you to wonder who on earth these mystery girls could be and why their lipstick has my attention way more often than you do.

We are on Twitter 24/7

Wait, what did you just say? You were talking to me? I for one can find myself sucked into the world of Twitter, blissfully unaware that my boyfriend is trying to catch my attention. Us bloggers tend to be more interested in keeping up with Twitter chats than having real life conversations anyway. So in case you hadn't realised, we can't go out with you on Monday - #TheGirlGang chat is on at 6pm and there's no way we are missing it.

You will become our cameraman.

We can't be expected to take all these fabulous makeup of the day pictures all by ourselves, which is where a devoted boyfriend often comes in handy. However, if the photos you take feature us looking like cross-eyed munters, or even worse, have bad lighting, then you will be sleeping on the sofa. You better capture us for the flawless unicorns we are, or face the consequences, bitch.

Our blog is our biggest obsession.

We won't even apologise, our blogs are our babies! Whilst writing this post, my boyfriend told me how annoying it is when I just totally tune out the world and become oblivious to everything around me. At least I think that's what he said. I was too busy writing so I tuned him out *devilish grin.*


No, we can't just be happy with all the foundation, mascara and blusher we already have. Like Sharpay Evans, WE WANT IT ALL. Yes, we will spend all our money on makeup then cry when we have none left, but the reviews we write are SO WORTH IT ok?! Just be quiet and lend me a tenner.

We will ask your opinion on near-identical products.

We already know you cant tell the difference between MAC's Syrup and Lovelorn, but if you don't give us the right opinion on which suits us best, we will ignore you and wear whatever we wanted to wear anyway.

We will tag you in photos of makeup we want.

A month before our birthday, Christmas or Valentine's day, prepared to be tagged in all manner of photos featuring beauty products we just 'happened' to come across. Not that we want you to buy them us that is. Hint hint. (Buy the makeup, or else.)

Beauty bloggers, what are the things your boyfriends complain about the most?
Is there anything I've forgotten?
Let me know below!


  1. My boyfriends favourite line is 'but you've already got a lipstick that colour, why do you need another one' ... like you said, we need them ALL!!

  2. Pahhaha I loved the 'WE NEED THEM ALL' Obviously we do duhh even if they are in the same shade

    lovely post,
    Daizy from| www.ZyaandDaizy.wordpress.com

  3. I'm not a beauty blogger and yet I related to all of these. And you made me giggle so much!

    Be | lovefrombe

  4. Haha this was a much nicer take on THAT cosmo article! :)

  5. This blog is so true! I feel bloggers should come with a warning to all interested guys (or girls) "you must be good with a camera" if not you can forget it! haha My other half complains when he has to take endless photos but I think he secretly enjoys the attention especially when somebody says "Oh nice photo Charlotte" hehe :) The Blonde B

  6. I love this post! It's so funny and SO true! I made my boyfriend read it and he was agreeing 100%


  7. Loved this, making my boyfriend read it now hahah!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  8. I think I'm the only blogger I know whose hubby enables me so much. He actually encourages me to buy more, and he got me hooked on awesome brushes. When I started the blog, since he does photography, he insisted on getting better lighting and equipment. He also does graphic design, so he did my layout, logos, etc. Now he's insisting on business cards... It's almost to the point of being annoying...lol :)


  9. Loved this but my boyfriend doesn't really care about my blog he always says you and that blog. He's not a social media person he does use some but not really into it like I am.

  10. I'm so damn lucky my boyfriend is a manager of superdrug so I get High street products literally thrown at me , but then again I'm probably his fav customer the amount I spend I totally agree thou this is so true heheh


  11. ahahaha the bit about wanting all the makeup is so relevant! Last week I told my partner that I got a new lipstick and will wear it for our date night. All he said was 'you always have new lipstick'! He's actually interested in what I do in front of a mirror for 20 minutes and always compliments me if I try something new. :)



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