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Review: LUSH Angels On Bare Skin

I honestly don't think it's possible for a girl to ever have enough products from LUSH without wanting more as soon as they step foot in the dreamy, soap-scented shop. I myself am a complete obsessive over LUSH's wonderful cleansers and scrubs, already owning Aquamarina and Ocean Salt, which are fast becoming a solid staple in my morning cleansing routine. I do however still long for the likes of Cup 'O Coffee and Ultrabland, the highly coveted gods of the skincare world.

My first mini-haul however consists of a super-secret Kitchen item (see if you can guess! All will be revealed at the end!) and a cleanser I thought I would never buy, Angels on Bare Skin. When sampling it in-store, I was never drawn to the chunky texture and chose other, citrus-flavoured products over its lavender scent. What swayed me was hearing my friend praising the cleanser for its ability to even out skintone, which made me think to myself "It never hurts to try."

I first tried this cleanser last night whilst staying at my boyfriends, a place where I usually tend to wake up in the previous day's smeared makeup, night-time cleansing routine thrown to the wind after a wholesome evening of playing xbox online and watching chick flicks. 

Angels is a solid cleanser where you add warm water in order to create a paste. To tell the truth, I struggled at first creating the paste and was left with a slightly damp lump of cleanser. I have never had this issue before, finding Aquamarina surprisingly easy to manipulate into a paste due to its creamy texture. After searching the product reviews online (something I neglected to do before buying, oops) I found that lots of other had the same issue as me, recommending using even less of the cleanser and lots, lots, lots of water before applying to the face.

I tried the cleanser again this morning, following the above advice and found it so much easier to use. Despite having a little bit of a grainy texture, similar to biscuit crumbs, the cleanser isn't harsh on skin and acts as a very mild, gentle exfoliant. It also took less water to wash it off afterwards, as last night I ended up drenching myself, the bathroom, and my boyfriend who had popped in to watch (my weird, girly products fascinate him.) I haven't yet noticed a difference in my skintone as it's only been one day of use, but I'll keep you all updated in a week or so. My skin does however feel very soft and clean, as it also did this morning, despite usually feeling oily when I wake up. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come!

And now for the big reveal of my LUSH Kitchen product! You may remember my rant-post back in November where I expressed my annoyance that my Ice Blue shampoo had been tipped down the drain by a mysterious wrong-doer. Well one of my facebook friends informed me last week that it had been restocked in the Kitchen! You can only imagine how fast I entered my Paypal details - Yes please, I would like a free LUSH magazine with my order, thank you for asking.

All is well now that I have been finally reunited with my favourite ever product. I may or may not have done a little squealy happy-dance when I opened the cap and smelt the wonderful, minty scent once more (spoiler alert - I did indeed do a little dance.)

What do you think to the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser?
And what is your LUSH product you simply can't live without?
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  1. I can't LIVE without Oatifix face mask during the winter. I always have some stocked in the fridge because it is super hydrating, leaves me skin feeling amazing, and smells like banana bread! I have yet to try Angels on Bare Skin because I'm working through a new pot of Herbalism, but it is definitely on my list!


    1. I've never actually tried it! I'll definitely have to get my hands on some at some point!

  2. Ooooh you picked up some great bits here! I love the sound of the Angels of Bare skin - I'll have to check that out next time I'm in store! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I would definitely reccommend it, been using it two days now and my skin is so soft and smells lovely! ❤

  3. Love this post! Lush is my all time favourite and find it hard to pick just one think! Sophie xx



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