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The Ultimate Guide To Beautiful Blog Photography

Crafting gorgeous photos is my absolute favourite thing about being a blogger. I recently stumbled across some photos from 2015 when I first started blogging, and was so shocked at how awful they were that I made a twitter thread showcasing the difference two years had made. From that thread, I received loads of requests to share my 'secrets' and how I had improved my photos to the quality that they are now, so I decided to put together this ultimate guide to beautiful blog photography.

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Part One: Setting the scene and styling images

Setting up my photos is actually one of the parts I find the most difficult. As I don't have any studio lights I have to pick the best time of day to take them, which varies a huge amount throughout the months. Currently I find the best time to be around 11:45 am, however in Winter this can be as early as 8 am to try and catch the morning sun.

Here's a little behind the scenes photos of my set-up. It is far from glamorous, however works perfectly for what I want to do. I basically dump my pillows, cuddly toys and duvet on the floor, then unroll my white sticky-back plastic against my headboard for a makeshift studio. It works well as my bed is a double and is right against the window, so when I open my curtains I have a lot of space and light to work with.

Other good places to set up a studio are on the floor or at a desk / makeup vanity, anywhere you have space to arrange your props and have a plain background.

No backdrop? No problem...

If you don't have a large white piece of furniture, such as an IKEA desk or bed, it's really easy to make your own temporary backdrop with fluffy rugs, tablecloths, bedsheets or even just large pieces of plain card. For months I used a white cakeboard which I picked up from Homebargains for a pound! I painted one side white and covered the other side in marble plastic so I had a choice of two backdrops.

Establish your focus piece

In these photos it's the camera, which I'm sure isn't hard to figure out. This is always best placed right in the centre of your layout in order to draw the most attention, with props that should be accentuating it. Think of your focus piece as the lead soloist and your props as backing singers - you shouldn't notice them individually, but they bring the whole piece together.

Take one prop away (you'll thank me later.)

I know the temptation to use ALL THE PROPS is real, but to prevent your photos looking cluttered, always remove one prop from your layout. You don't have to use every prop in your collection and keeping it simple is usually the best way to go. I hate seeing photos on my feed that are so full you can't tell what the focus product is!

No idea what props to use? Check out this list of 50 Photo Prop Ideas For Beauty & Lifestyle Bloggers...

Look to your faves for inspiration

Know a blogger whose photos are always incredible? Check out how they style your photos and take inspiration from their shots. Note that I don't mean copy them outright, but if you love a certain prop they've used, ask where they got it from.

Create your theme

It's so satisfying to come across a blog or Instagram feed with a gorgeous, structured theme! There's been a lot of hate on themes recently, but they're actually really easy to maintain if all your photos follow the same 'rules'. For example, I try to always have something pink in my photos along with a white background, then I'm free to do what I like with the rest of my props.

Store all your props together

I keep all my prop books and trinket dishes in a little woven basket along the side of my bed. It means they're always easily accessible and I'm not having to hunt around for a specific prop in the middle of taking photos.

Part Two: Capturing your beautiful blog photos

Before you even begin, bear this in mind - you are going to take more than one photo. If all this time you've been taking one singular photo then using it in your post, it's probably not the best it could possibly be.

Pick the most flattering angle (eg, you wouldn't take a selfie from below your chin.)

When capturing images, you want the position of your subject to flow with the rest of the photo. In the example above, the photo on the left looks wrong because the angle of the camera is facing away from where your eye naturally leads. As the notebook is positioned straight, the camera should have been facing forwards to compliment the lines and contours of the rest of the image. The focus point should be the camera lense, however this is off centre.

The photo on the right is far better, as the focus point is directly in the centre of the image. If I was to draw a line down the middle of the photo, the lense and the corners of the notebook would both be in line, creating a linear focus point. Both the camera and the notebook props are also angled in the same direction, which adds to the appeal of the photo and you don't find your attention being drawn elsewhere.

Flood your shot with light

Natural lighting is absolutely everything when it comes to blog photos and learning to make the most of it will really enhance yur images. Before I take my photo I make sure I have my light reflectors placed at the most effective angles for what I want to brighten to 'cheat' the natural lighting if it isn't as bright as I would like. I also turn my camera's (Olympus Pen Epl-7) in built brightness setting up to just one or two below the absolute maximum, to minimise the work I will have to do during editing.

I would also recommend researching a little into aperture settings on your camera. This is controlled by the f-stop. The smaller the f-stop setting, the wider the aperture opening and the more light that is let through the lens. My aperture is usually on about f/2.5 which I find works best for me. Turning up the ISO on the camera also adds light and brightness, but can also make your photo grainy.

Don't breathe

As scary as it sounds, just before you press the shutter, hold your breath to minimise any shakiness and blurring of the image. Do take care of yourself when taking photos and keep drinks and sugary snacks on hand in case this results in any dizziness. I'm not trying to kill you I promise, this just works really well for me. If this sounds way too scary and you want to use a tripod instead, switch it onto a self-timer mode of about 2 seconds.

Get down and dirty

You're not going to take the best photos by being comfortable. I usually end up laying flat on my stomach or on my knees with my bum in the air trying to get my perfect shot. For flatlays I'm usually stood up with my set up on the ground, bent at such an angle that I become out of breath. I completely understand that not everyone is able to get into these kind of positions, so if you are in the situation where you are struggling or simply unable, have a friend, parent or fellow blogger on hand to take the photo for you.

Part Three: Editing your blog photos to perfection

Now this is my absolute favourite part, although it does tend to stress me out a little bit if my photos don't go exactly right.

Choosing which photos to edit

As I mentioned in the last stage, you're going to be taking a lot of photos and you most certainly will end up not using around 90% of them. So how do you decide which ones are the best of the bunch?

Below is a snapshot of my camera roll after taking the photos for this post. At first glance, some of the photos look almost identical, but it's the tiny differences that decide whether or not a photo makes the 'cut' and goes to the editing stage. This is how I start out with taking over forty photos and ending up with maybe three in my final post.

Be super choosy. Look for tiny details that single out one photo from the next. After taking one of my photos, I realised I had a bookmark sticking out in the corner of the photo. - count out any photos that have annoying details such as this!

My editing steps...

This is exactly how I edit my blog photos and the order I do it in. It takes a lot of trial and error to exactly figure out what 'look' you want to give your edited photos, but for me if I can get the background to be pure white, that's usually a winner.

The editing software I currently use is Serif PhotoPlus X7, which you will probably remember from secondary school. No shame here, I absolutely love it, but I have also heard amazing things about Adobe Lightroom which will be my next big blog-related purchase on payday.

Brightening the photo

Exposure - I pop the exposure up by literally one mark. Any more than that and some details in the photos will be removed.

Brightness - To lighten the whole photo I usually turn this up around 12% - 15%.

Contrast - To give the black shades more depth and add a little shine to the image I pop this up to about 5%. Any more and the images start to look like pop-art posters.

Dodge - I will then use the dodge tool to physically 'paint' over any dark spots or shadows on my background. I'm not satisfied until the colour dropper tool shows my background to be pure white. This part usually takes the longest and I have to be careful not to slip and dodge my photo subjects.

Adjusting colour

Saturation - I will only ever turn the basic saturation up a tiny amount, if any at all. I instead use this tool to remove any hated yellow tones from my images by selecting the yellow colour channel and turning the saturation down. I sometimes also do this for blue tones (my original header image had some annoying purple tones showing up on my grey blanket) or to even out any redness in skintones.

Vibrance - As all the brightening can often wash my photos out, I love using the vibrance tool to add a little more 'life' back into my photos. It gives more natural results than upping the saturation.

To finish, I usually up the brightness once more then resize my images to 1000px wide and name them something sassy and SEO friendly like 'guide-to-blog-photography' (never use spaces in image names!)

Phew! That was the most exhausting post I have ever written, but hopefully it will be one of the most rewarding? I would absolutely love if you'd tweet me your before and after photos from following these steps over at @daintyaliceblog!

What tip was your favourite?


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