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A Love Letter To The Comforter

I've had love affairs with LUSH soaps, jellies, gels and scrubs, but none have been as passionate or tragically short-lived as my romance with The Comforter. Upon hearing of it's discontinuation, I decided to pick up my first-ever bottle last week. In the most twisted turn of events, The Comforter has turned out to be my mysterious Mr. Right I have been waiting my whole life to meet... and I'll never be able to own a bottle of it again. It's now out of stock everywhere, forever, never to be seen again.

Alone again... Naturally.

If I was to tell you, exactly, how long I had owned The Comforter, the answer would be five days and seven hours. And how long have I been in love with it? Ahm, five days and, I suppose, six hours and thirty minutes.

I honestly can't believe I had never tried it before. It's a terrible, terrible mistake, Comforter, but you turned out to be the love of my life. I only have one 250ml bottle to keep me going for the rest of eternity (although my babe Daisy is going to try and pick me some up from her local.)

Naturally there's other shower gels and creams I like, such as It's Raining Men or the seasonal Snow Fairy, but not one that I would call my ride-or-die body product. They all do the job of getting me clean just fine, but I don't want something I need. I want something I want - something pretty. The sweet vanilla and blackcurrant Starburst scent of this shower cream just appeals to me in a way that no other LUSH product can. A lot of people have complained that the scent of The Comforter is too sweet and sickly, but the thing is Comforter, um, what I'm trying to say, very inarticulately, is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you, very much. Just as you are.

I'm sure you're reading this and thinking "You know, Alice, I'm sure The Comforter is unique and extraordinary, but... the general wisdom is that, in the end, there isn't just one shower cream for each of us." Well I beg to differ. There was for Kate and Leo. There was for you. There is for me. The Comforter is the one.

Additionally, this is not just a love letter, it is also a post begging LUSH to reconsider their heartbreaking decision. Come on LUSH, we belong together - you, me, your little Comforter. If I can't make it with you then I can't make it with anyone.

It's just so, so bittersweet that I discovered The Comforter right at the end of its time at LUSH. But you know, the thing out romance is... people only get together right at the very end.

Did you manage to spot all the Bridget Jones and Love Actually quotes and film references within this post? I felt they were only fitting and I had great fun squeezing them all in! There's nine and if you can spot them all, tweet me, and the first person to get them all right will receive a little prize!

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. 
- Alfred Lord Tennyson


  1. ooohhhhh I've never heard of this! I haven't bought anything from lush in ages but you've tempted to get back in there and get some products! And this bit: 'And how long have I been in love with it? Ahm, five days and, I suppose, six hours and thirty minutes' - this reminded me of Love Actually haha!


  2. Oooh they've bottled that bubble bar! I bought the comforter bubble bar last year to Spain with me as we're having a bathtub there it was just amazing:-)

    1. I saw your post on FB, I read this post last night but apparently I missed the whole point! (Baby brain, also, not an excuse) I had to read it again :D can't believe they're stopping it, the scent was amazing!

  3. Wow! I am in love with lush too

  4. You really love this product! Never tried it so far but i will check it next time i ll be in Lush store.

  5. LUSH is a great brand! I love everything that smells gooooood! It's sad they're gonna stop this particular one but I'm sure there are many others to love!

  6. Oh yes! This is one of my favourite lush scents! I think it's this one and the 'snow fairy' (which is also pink...) that I love! But sadly I think Snow Fairy only comes out around Christmas time. I always like to stock up on them to last me the year!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  7. Lush is life, haha. Their product are simply thr best. I really hope that they will rethink the whole thing and comforter will be alive again :)

    Ally, www.inspo-book.blogspot.com

  8. Wow! This sounds like the perfect product. All Lush products are amazing, I've never tried this one and I'm so sad I'll never be able to because they won't produce it anymore.

  9. omg stunning!
    love the lush products - everything smells sooo good, haven't actually used this one yet but I must check it out!


  10. I love the title. I had so many love affair similar like this one too :)

  11. So sorry this has been discontinued...I feel your pain! And I absolutely adored those Love Actually references, too. Can't wait till it's time to watch it again! Here's hoping LUSH brings the Comforter back.


  12. HAHahha yes I did pick up on a few Bridget jones quotes though I'm not sure I can spot all nine! I'm really gutted I never picked up the comforter to try out, I heard so many great things and now I really regret it, I'll have to see if there's any left at my local store!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  13. Oh no, what a shame I guesss that you did get to enjoy it even if only short time. Hopefully they will bring it back, you've got to love Bridget Jones.

  14. I got a big bottle last time I was in lush and the guy who normally serves me was like "i'm guessing you've heard the sad news?" i think it's hurt us all!

    Vicki x

  15. I've never tried the Comfort shower cream, but I love the bubble bar to pieces which always made me want to try the shower cream - but I missed out entirely as I realised way too late that it was being discontinued! Still upset about that tbt.
    Also, I loved your writing in this so much! Made my day a lot better, so thanks for the good laugh ever in very desperate times haha!

    Franzi. x // FRANZIZZY

  16. First of all, I have to say how funny and entertaining this post was to read, love your sense of humour! and sadly I've experienced this heartbreak before too when one of my favourite lipsticks was taken out of stock so I can relate, stay strong! ��
    - Rumaanah

    Thats made me really sad! I honestly didn't know they were doing this. Well tomorrow I'm going to have to go down to LUSH and try and buy some.
    Plus, I loved the quotes! đŸ˜‚ x


  18. Great post - makes me want to try it but i guess i cant now ;-(

  19. Such a tragic but well-written story! I'm so sorry for your loss! Maybe LUSH will bring Comforter back one day! :/

    Also, I don't think I have seen Bridget Jones enough to catch all the references. :(

    Lona | lonajasmiin.com

  20. Great post lovely! I'd love to try Lush someday!

  21. Although it's extremely heartbreaking that LUSH have discontinued the comforter this post has definitely made up for it! I LOVE your references! Please do another post in this style! I managed to spot 6 references but just can't get the other 3! xo

    Hanney | www.blogabouthanney.com

  22. No! I love the comforter it was the first lush product which I ever used! Is the bar going to be discontinued too? Feel like there should be a petition to stop this!

  23. Some love affairs are not meant to last, but I'm glad you got your time with the Comforter! Hopefully Lush will bring it back one day.

  24. I've always sworn by Snow Fairy but now I feel hard done by for not ever trying this :(


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