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Review: LUSH Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask

LUSH Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask
If you were one of the people mouthing "what the fu..." under your breath when you saw LUSH had released jelly (???) face masks, then this review is for you. I for one was pretty excited when I saw the selection of jelly products pop up on the LUSH website as my face masks usually go out of date before I've used them all up, so to have something a little different and longer-lasting intrigued me.

Also, how awkward is it that I took the product photos after using it? I was so excited to get my claws into it and start playing that I didn't think to take any photographs beforehand. I've also not seen any other reviews for this product online, so how typical is it that these messed-up photos will be the first ones people see?! Ah well, onto the review.

Packaging wise, I'm actually not keen. I love the classic black pots as they keep my Instagram feed looking lovely and photograph so well, so I wish LUSH had used those instead of these clear ones. There may be a genuine reason behind using clear plastic for jelly products (I'm sure shower jellies are in clear plastic too) and when I find out I'll update this post.

There's not much to say about the colour of this mask, it's a creamy grey-beige, but I love the gold dust that LUSH has included on the surface of the mask. It gives Bunny Moon a very cute and girly 'Sailor Moon' vibe, which I adore. I also really like how LUSH has marketed this mask with the words "Channel your inner moonchild" as it adds a sprinkle of magic to a calm, chamomile product.

The scent of this mask is really something different. It contains honey so it smells reminiscent of the products in the Honey gift box, which is absolutely fabulous as I've recently developed an obsession with honey products. Bunny Moon also contains chamomile, marigold petals and rose oil as it's main ingredients, so it's smells like a gentle mish-mash of everything and is very calming.

Texture-wise, I am intrigued! It starts as a wibbly jelly, but once you begin to warm it in dry hands it becomes a creamy paste which is very easy to apply. I only pinched off an absolutely tiny amount to work with (you can see the amount missing in the photos) and that covered my entire face

Onto the results of using the jelly mask - All week I have had a horrible, flaky piece of skin on the top of my cheek. I couldn't work out what it was, possibly sunburn, but it felt scaly, flaky and dry. I could not get rid of it all holiday. However as soon as I rinsed off Bunny Moon... it was gone! I'm confused, but very impressed. The bunnies must have worked their magic and healed my skin in such a short amount of time.

I've circled on my photo below where the flaky thing used to be. There's absolutely no sign of it, despite it originally being the size of a fingernail. I also have no makeup on and I never post pictures of myself on here, so be proud of me!

It does take quite a bit of effort to remove. I normally scoff at products that say to remove with a flannel and just scrub them off with water, but once wet this mask becomes slimy and clings to the skin, so I ended up using a soft cloth.

Bunny Moon retails at £6.95 a pot, which is the same as the other four jelly masks available. The next mask I'll be picking up is The Birth Of Venus, as these long-lasting jelly masks are a winner in my eyes. My one gripe with Bunny Moon? Black packaging next time please LUSH. This was a bugger to photograph.

Would you try a jelly face mask?


  1. I love Lush so much! Forgetting to take photos until after always happens to me with my food pics! I get very hangry....

    MISS PORTMANTEAU | http://missportmanteau.com

  2. What a comprehensive review!! I'm tempted to try! And the name... lol what a name!!!

  3. I would love to try a jelly face mask!! Didn't even know that Lush had come out with these!

    Rachel | www.imperfectlyrachel.com

  4. I hate when products are hard to remove! Although, I'll probably try this out anyway :D

  5. I've seen two Lush reviews today. I guess I should look into their products. Thanks for the review!


  6. I love lush products a lot. Thanks for the review

  7. Hehe when I saw the package even I for second was like what? is this Lush? I really think the black packaging works best for them. As for the review I feel it was very clear and genuine, loved it! Xoxo

  8. I have tried all of the Lush face masks but not this one - sounds really good!

  9. I'm so glad you reviewed this, I've been reluctant to try it until I'd seen someone review it haha. That's so good about the texture - I thought it'd slip off like the shower jelly does. I've had random dry patches too but around my nose so I'm definitely gonna try this out now :)

    Tania | Teabee - UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog xx

  10. Ooh I've never used a jelly mask before but this sounds so impressive - its great that it managed to get rid of that dry patch for you!
    Emily xx

  11. Lush products always look good enough to eat! And especially with their just publicized stance on their EU employees they will definitely get my business. Good company with heart!
    Katja xxx

  12. This sounds amazing! I definitely do get a sailor moon vibe out of it 💖 I hadn't seen any reviews of this, and I've been waiting to read one before I bought it for myself so thanks for taking the time to do this 💖

  13. Oooh this is really interesting! I love their fresh face masks so can't wait to give this one a try! So good to hear that a little bit goes a long way! xo

    Hanney | www.blogabouthanney.com

  14. Such a cool product and fabulous review, I'm going to have to get my mitts on this beauty! Xx

    Bella | (http://bellainizio.co.uk/)

  15. I'm really intrigued by these jelly face masks after reading your post. I'd actually never heard of them. Honestly, "channel your inner moonchild" made me think of the Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Moonchild' highlighting palette... But I suppose that's be because I'm obsessed with it at the moment haha. This was a really good review and I'm still considering giving this product a go, but I am concerned about the glitter as I have quite bad eczema and don't want to risk aggravating it. Who knows maybe one day I'll give it a try!

    - Luce xo (Twitter - @AintGotNoHope)

  16. I am definitely going to have to buy one of these! I love the honey range and chamomile is one of my favourites!!

    Lauren:) x

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  18. Ooooo these sound ...weird! Love lush so def gonna try these next time i go there xx

  19. It happens to me as well! I often want to try the new stuff and forget to take photos first! It's so exhausting but I just don't like to take photos of products after using them! Jelly mask seems lovely and the fact that thingy on your cheek disappeared is amazing!
    B, xx | http/www.queenbsdiary.com/


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