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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

In my eyes, LUSH can do no wrong. Whatever beauty product they turn their hand to, whether it be body lotions, bath bombs or shaving cream, the result is always something spectacular. I do however hold a special place in my heart for LUSH hair products and have built up a decent stash of goodies that due to their extended shelf life, I can alternate depending on what my hair needs that day, leaving me with a LUSH solution for every hair-care problem!

American Cream conditioner

For soft, princess hair!

I will never stop talking about this. My all-time favourite LUSH product, I have re-purchased American Cream more times than I can remember, and when this 500g bottle runs out, I'm going for the 1kg. I go into more detail about this product in my full American Cream review, but in short this is a wonderfully thick, strawberries and cream scented conditioner that gives me super soft locks.

R&B hair moisturiser

To tame frizzy and dry curls!

This is seriously such good stuff, I have no idea why I've never done a full review of it! My second favourite LUSH scent, R&B smells like jasmine and it is absolutely divine. The day I bought it, the LUSH employee (hey Jess!) put some in my hair and alllll day I couldn't stop telling Adi how good my hair smelt. I scrunch this into wet hair before gently drying it, and it gives me silky, spiral curls.

I Love Juicy shampoo

Banish greasy hair!

As I only wash my hair three times a week (if that), I need a shampoo that gives a deep clean in just one lather. I Love Juicy literally soaks up any grease and dirt in my hair, without making it feel straw-like or dry. It smells like pineapple and is an incredibly fruity, delicious shampoo. If you struggle with oily hair, I would definitely recommend this one for you.

Ice Blue shampoo

When your scalp needs a treat!

I only ever use this shampoo as an absolute treat, as it's a LUSH Kitchen exclusive which is only available once or twice a year. This is actually my third bottle of Ice Blue in three years, and hopefully third time lucky as my last two bottles met an untimely end down the plughole *sob*. It's an amazing shampoo to use on self-care days as it's really fresh and uplifting, with a soothing scalp tingle. It also stimulates hair growth, so if you see this spearmint shampoo come into the LUSH Kitchen, buy it. You won't regret it.

Daddy-O shampoo

Fighting brassiness in blondes!

There's always an exception to the rule, and the scent of Daddy-O shampoo honestly makes me want to gyp. I cannot stand Parma Violets sweets, which unfortunately Daddy-O smells exactly like. However, this is the most amazing shampoo for counteracting brassiness and yellow tones in blonde, grey and silver hair. I use it once a fortnight and leave it on for a good 5 minutes to let it work its magic, before dousing myself in American Cream to cover up the scent!

Do you own any LUSH hair products?
Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioning perfume is next on my list!
30 comments on "My LUSH Hair Product Collection"
  1. I love lush products so so much but have only used the Honey I Washes the kids shampoo bar which I LOVE ! It smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling so clean ! I must try some more !

  2. I want to try out some Lush hair products tbh. My current shampoo and conditioner aren't ruelty free so I need to find some new ones - lots of people have recommended Lush's BIG to me (I have super thin and flat hair so I want something that gives me volume). The only hair product I've tried from Lush is the Roots hair mask (which is AMAZING, seriously saved my dry hair!)

    Liv //

  3. I've never tried those products but it all sounds very tempting. I wonder if one can get any of those in Ireland...
    Best xxx

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  5. I have never tried a lush product before. After seeing this I may have to give there products a try. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  6. I love Lush facial masks I haven't tried their hair products yet but, I've always been meaning too. Definitely going to have to head over to a Lush store now. - B

  7. I love love LOVE lush stuff and I'm shocked that I've not tried these before. My hair needs a lot of tlc so lots to choose from! Cheers!
    Katja xxx

  8. I love the Big Sea Salt Shampoo, it's great at giving my fine hair some volume. Both Daddy O and I Love Juicy sound like shampoos I need, my hair is so brassy and don't even get me started on my greasy roots.. the bane of my life!! xx

    Laura | Blush and Bronze

  9. I love Lush! It's one of my favorite cosmetics brands, their products look fabulous and they're so great. I'll check these out :)

    Samantha |

  10. Have you ever tried "Big"? it's not something for regular use but it gives my hair amazing lift!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  11. I adore LUSH face products, but now you got me thinking I better try their hair stuff! Thanks for making me expand my LUSH horizons! :)

    Mary Lane @NewYorkCliche

  12. Oh my gosh, the American Cream conditioner sounds incredible! Im definitely going to add that to my shopping list when I next head to Lush! And i've been meaning to try out the Daddy-O shampoo to see if it'll help out with keeping my silver hair, sounds like it'd do a good job! Xx

    Ashia •

  13. Hi, I do like to treat myself to a Lush product, but I've not tried their shampoo, perhaps I should #TeacupClub

  14. I've literally never had or used anything from Lush! 😱 How bad is that?!? Ice Blue shampoo sounds AMAZING. (Almost so good I want to drink it haha)- thanks for sharing this post :) xx

  15. I've actually never tried any hair product from Lush, but you make all of these sound so wonderful. My hair DOES need a change from the old Pantene routine I'm stuck in, so I'll have to check these out!


  16. I hahe never tried any products from lush! I'm not a bath bomb sorta girl so I've just never looked into the rest of their products! I absolutely love the sound of the I love juicy shampoo! I try to wash my hair as little as possible as I know it's better for it! I really have to give that shampoo a go!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  17. The American Cream conditioner sounded so good I went to your linked post to it. strawberry and cream scented just shouted out to me. Sounds so lovely. I never buy all that much from lush as I don't have a bath in my home and thats the main thing I think of with purchasing from lush. Think I need to take a trip to town!
    Lois x

  18. Oh my, the I love Juicy shampoo and the American Dream conditioner im pretty sure I need in my life!!! Ive never tried any LUSH hair products so definitely need to have a look as they sound amazing!!

    Sarah | xx

  19. I was reading this the other day and forgot to comment! I must admit that I am a 'Lush fiend', but as I have a hair/skin problem, I bought American Cream, on reading this post, today to try and curb it. Thank you!

  20. I've never tried any lush product....seems like a good collection and they cover different hair texture...

  21. I love lush products but my hair doesn't react well to them at all which is so sad 😭

  22. I've not tried any of these products, but I've been wanting to try Daddy-O for ages! I really love the BIG shampoo bar though, I'd definitely recommend it!
    Juliet |

  23. Thank you for this recommendations! I am actually looking for a really nice shampoo/scalp treatment and I'm gonna check the Ice Blue shampoo you mentioned here. Fingers crossed!

  24. I am so jealous!! I would love each of these products! I buy bath bombs at lush but have a hard time spending the money on the other products, not because I don't want them. I just can't afford it!

  25. Awesome review! I've never tried Lush hair products since my hair is mega long and thick (it's taken a lot of trial and error to find a good product) but maybe I'll give it a try!


  26. I really want to try these products out especially the American Cream. X

  27. These sound lush and may just tame my frizzy curls!! Like the sound of American cream so
    Will be off to lush next time I'm in town!

  28. I absolutely love Lush products! After reading this blogpost I am super curious about the I love Juicy shampoo! Definitely going to try this one :)

  29. Yes, yes, yes. I've just started using Lush Hair products again after a few months on another organic brand.
    I am absolutely in love with American Cream conditioner and get so many compliments at work for the scent! My favourite shampoo is Big, it leaves my hair so light and squeaky clean! If I'm going on holiday then I'll take Montalbano shampoo bar to save space in my hand luggage :)
    I kind of really want to try R&B now!

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  30. I love a lush product! I've never tried any of their shampoos but I adore their face masks :)


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