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Why I'm Happy To Be An Introvert

Picture the scene; It's 7pm on a Friday night and I'm snuggled down in bed with my boyfriend. We're on our eighth episode of Scrubs and I'm scheduling tweets whilst Adrian asks if I'd prefer Chinese or pizza for tea. It's a little different to the Friday night antics that Katy Perry sang about, but to me, it's perfect.

At 19, I know the majority of people my age will be out in town, drinking and dancing and having a fabulous time. My colleagues look at me gone-out when I express how excited I am to put my pyjamas on when I get in, as surely a young, blonde girl wants to be hitting the bars on a Friday night? Quite honestly, I can't think of anything worse.

I don't like loud music. I don't like alcohol. I don't like dancing. Even at family parties I usually squirrel myself away in the corner, waiting for everyone to leave so I can put my pyjamas on and make a cup of tea. My parents and my younger sister are proper party animals, so it confuses them that I rarely join in with the festivities. If you're reading this now thinking "god, you're a boring bitch," then newsflash - I'm not boring, I just have fun in different ways to you. If you're nodding your head and agreeing with everything I've said, then hey girl, welcome to the introvert club.

The textbook definition of an introvert is a "a shy, reticent person," but I don't think that tells the whole story. Being in a room full of people I don't know makes me nervous, and I struggled making close friends throughout school, however once I discover something I have in common with someone I will not stop talking. The girls on the beauty counters instantly become my best friends, and I can talk to them about makeup like I've known them for years. It's one of the reasons I absolutely adore blogging, as I've formed friendships with people who I would normally be too shy to approach in real life.

Also, being introverted is actually really, really nice. Psychology-wise, my brain is more sensitive to dopamine (the neuro-transmitter that stimulates pleasure in your brain) which means I need less of it to feel happy. This explains why I enjoy quiet, calm activities such as reading and watching films just as much as an extrovert would enjoy socialising and partying. In fact, the most thrilling thing I did recently was driving through a rainstorm with the sunroof down, which made me so giddy and excited I could barely speak the entire time. I'm grinning now just remembering how much fun I had.

I'm happy to be introverted as I also love not being able to relate when I see tweets about hangovers or spending too much money at the club. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with going out, if that's what you enjoy then you do you, boo! It just personally isn't my 'thing', and I'm okay with that. I used to spend hours worrying that I was boring or weird for not wanting to go out, but since meeting Adi I've realised that we have so much fun together without having to go out drinking or stay up until 3am. We're a couple of homebodies, and that's just the way we like it.

How do you like to spend your Friday nights?


  1. I can relate to this so much!
    Even though I enjoy going out I also love getting into my jarmies and having an early night!
    I get really happy from simple things too such as 'everyday things' for others.
    Love this post!
    Charlotte xx

  2. Beautiful post =)♥ I think you're great just how you are and I never liked any of that partying stuff when I was your age. ♥

  3. I relate to this so much! I'm almost 25 and I've never been clubbing etc. Am i bothered about it? A little, but I still have fun! Just in a different way, I do like alcohol though haha but I'd rather relax at home on a Friday night with a glass of wine watching a movie then get completely wasted at some club!! xx

    Laura | Blush and Bronze

  4. Woot woot I relate this post quite a lot I'm 21 years old and the first and last time I went to a dance club well school party was around 8th or 9th grade that I dint even last for an hour (I was mad at my mom for obligating me to go to a school party.) So yeah I enjoy staying at my house during the weekend and hang out with my cat and my dogs.

  5. I love this post Alice! I hate that way of thinking that you're 'boring' or have no life or whatever because you enjoy staying home! I'm with you and would much rather stay in & yup introvert all the way! Really great post! Xx

  6. Wooo I'm an introvert too! I never felt like I fittted in a uni because I didn't want to party and drink all night - I'd much rather go out for a meal with a few friends or hang out at the gym. Even now at 26 I'd sooner watch Netflix or read a book, and I actively avoid going to mummy groups since having a baby 😂

  7. I can also relate a lot, I am super introverted and would much rather stay in, your not really missing out on much by not going out!

  8. I'm exactly the same as you! I cannot wait for the weekend just so I can snuggle down and eat pizza!

  9. My favourite way to spend Friday night is at home with my family, watch a movie & have some pizza. I've never really been one of those people who go out every weekend, I'll go out once in 6 months :D I've had so many chances to go out, even after the baby but I prefer staying home :D

  10. Beautiful post, I really like how you describe yourself as being dopamine sensitive, that makes a lot of sense.

  11. Very relatable post....for a long time I've loved to stay in on Friday's...my favourite telenovela and my favourite person makes me happy indoor....the little things really make me happy....I go out too when it's important

  12. I like the best of both worlds I love staying in with my boyfriend watching a film but then I enjoy going for drinks and a catch up with my friends too.

  13. I love this post so much! I feel like your first sentence described my life! I relate to everything you wrote xx

  14. Nice post!! The beauty of being an introvert. Thanks for sharing!!

  15. I can relate to you on so many levels...being an introvert myself ...I love spending most of my time home reading writing or binge watching shows💋

  16. I don't like loud music right now either. However usually I like it a lot :)

  17. This post resonates so well with me. It feels like you acttually put up my story for being an introvert. :) Loved it.


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