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Wednesday, 7 June 2017
In my last post about Kylie Cosmetics, I mentioned how I was desperate to order both Dirty Peach and Lovebite, so imagine my excitement last month when I saw on Twitter that she had a 2-for-1 sale going on. Unfortunately, when then arrived I found that Lovebite did not suit me at all, so instead of a double review, this post will focus solely on the Dirty Peach lip kit.

I had high hopes for this lip kit due to my love for Candy K, and I wasn't disappointed. The formula is the same creamy, quick-drying consistency with the delicious vanilla scent that I love in liquid lipsticks.

Colour-wise, the Kylie Cosmetics website describes this kit as a 'mid-tone yellow peach', however on me it shows up as almost neon, but I absolutely adore it. I'm really into peach and pink shades right now, so I'm loving pairing it with my Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and Papa Don't Peach blush.

The photo below is proper cringe, but you can see the amazing effect it has on my little lips (I'll admit to pouting a tad, ok.). I feel so sassy when wearing Kylie lip kits, they give me loads of confidence.

My problem before with Candy K was that it didn't seem to last as long as promised, however this has definitely been improved in the formula of this batch. I apply one layer of Dirty Peach just before I start work at 9am, and when I look in the mirror at 6pm it still there, albeit a little faded after two meals and a varying number of drinks. I feel this makes the lip kits even better value as they now last longer for your money with the upgraded formula.

I honestly can't get over just how comfortable this liquid lipstick is. It's not in the slightest bit drying and feels just like skin. I've been happy wearing it almost daily for the 2 weeks I've had it, and it hasn't had an adverse effects on my lips like other liquid lipsticks have (hi NYX lip lingerie.)

As Kylie lip kits usually retail at $29 (about £22) plus all the shipping and customs fees, it's always best to buy them when they're on offer, otherwise they can be a little painful on your bank account. Both times I have ordered from Kylie Cosmetics I have been hit with customs charges, which really bump up the total of your order.

Overall, my order of two lip kits came to the GBP equivalent of £52, which is including the tax, postage and customs fees. It seems like a lot for just two lipsticks, but considering Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks are £24, I'm totally okay with this and it's actually less than my previous order, which came to £67. I'm selling my Lovebite lip kit to my sister as it will suit her a lot better than it does me, and I'll stick to the lighter colours the next time I make an order.

Do you own any Kylie lip kits?
The next on my list is Koko K!
15 comments on "Review: Dirty Peach Kylie Lip Kit"
  1. oh i love that colour and yes as you say it sounds a lot but when you work out the price for named cosmetics in the UK it doesnt seem too bad!

  2. You are such a peach babe🍑
    Reading your posts always makes me want to buy some peachy products!
    I think I'd really like both these shades..but I must resist;).
    Fab post!

  3. I've heard a lot about Kylie cosmetics; as a branded product, I'm not sure what to think almost. But I like how you reviewed it. Great post, keep it up!

  4. Oh it really does suit you, it's so pretty! I wish that they would have a UK stockist so that we could buy them here. It's such a pain that we have to get them shipped with customs fees.

  5. This is so promising! I live in Canada and have been trying to justify buying them ever since they came out! I'm loving this colour on you!

  6. This is an absolutely gorgeous color on you! I hardly ever wear any colors besides red, but this is so pretty that I'm tempted to try it out. A good liquid lipstick is worth its weight in gold, especially if it lasts through the entire workday!


  7. This peachy lip color is absolutely gorgeous. It could be amazing for summer make-up touch.
    Kintan XO /

  8. Oh wow, beautiful! Good to hear they have improved the formula, I've read some bad reviews about the original formula of those lip kits. I love that color and it sure seems to be long lasting.

    Nora /

  9. I've seen so many bloggers rave about these lip kits that I feel like I should take the plunge and invest in them. Sometimes you really get what you pay for.
    Katja xxx

  10. Beautiful colour, but not a fan of Kylie Lipkits as I feel like you are paying more for the brand than the actual product! Do you have cheaper recommendations?

  11. I've never heard of this brand but the color is beautiful! I have a terrible time choosing the right shade for my coloring, but you make it look so easy!

  12. I haven't tried this brand yet! I am more of a pale pink/nude kind of girl. But quick drying sounds fantastic!

  13. wow, i've been looking for quite some time now into these kyle produtcs but still haven't gotten around to trying them... great post! :)

  14. Oh that looks gorgeous! I once tried few of Kylie lipkits but they just weren't suitable for me. Unfortunately :/

  15. Wow the colour looks incredible on you! I love the formula of the Kylie lip kits and I would love to try some more shades!

    - Nicole xx
    Lipsticks and Louboutins


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