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Review: Charlotte Tilbury 'Scent Of A Dream' Perfume

From the moment I first stepped into the Charlotte Tilbury boutique in Covent Garden, I knew I needed Scent Of A Dream. The whole shop smelled so enticing, but as much as I lusted after it I just couldn't justify the high-end price tag at the time. Fast forward a month and I finally have the glamorous bottle in my hands after a spontaneous trip to Meadowhall. It's already my favourite perfume, so what drew me to this vintage-inspired "fluerotic" scent?

Charlotte Tilbury released Scent Of A Dream in August last year, marketing it as a one of a kind floral-erotic perfume that has mind-altering capabilities. I'm a huge believer in that fragrance can effect your emotions and vice-versa, so unlike others, I didn't quite dismiss this claim as just a marketing ploy.

The bottle for the perfume is truly beautiful and is inspired by the 1920's art deco style. I love how delicate, yet powerful the bottle is, with such an intricate shape. I also think it's really clever how the soft curves of the lid and bottle resemble the shape of a woman's body. It's a sexy, feminine bottle perfectly suited to this perfume.

I can't describe the scent of this perfume as easy as I can palette shades or the quality of makeup brushes, so my best advice would be to get to a Charlotte Tilbury counter and spray it for yourself. The one thing I can say if that after spraying it on myself in the store, I could not stop thinking about it all day. I was hungry to buy this perfume that made me feel so powerful. I no longer cared about the price. It was worth it for that feeling.

To put the scent down on paper, this perfume contains 'joyous' top notes of lemon, peach and black pepper, with are to give an aura of positivity developing over 15 minutes. The 'fleurotic' heart notes are tuberose, jasmine, frankincense which resonate love and light over 5 hours. Lastly, the 'magic molecule' base notes are fire tree and patchouli, bringing power and sex to the wearer.

Longevity-wise, a few spritzes of this perfume lasts at least 24 hours. I spray it on my wrists in the morning, and by the same time the following day it still lingers beautifully on my skin. I feel like I'm really going to get good value from this perfume, but at the same time, it's not about the price. It's about how amazing it makes me feel.

What perfume makes you feel powerful?


  1. This sounds great, I hate perfumes that don't last on the skin so this sounds perfect for me!

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  2. I better get that perfume *wink wink*

    Michelle| www.brokebutflawless.blogspot.com

  3. I've been eyeing up this perfume for a while, it looks and sounds amazing!
    I may just need to treat myself;)
    As always I love this post.

  4. This perfume sounds amazing!


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