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Korean Skincare Review: Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask

Korean beauty and skincare brands are everywhere right now, meaning I just had to pick some up when I spotted several products in TK Maxx last weekend. I've never tried any Asian beauty products before and I didn't quite know what brands were great and which to avoid, however I had read reviews of the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell Pore mask, so I knew this was a brand with quite a large following and a growing 'blogger fave' status. 

Deciding to put it to the test, I spent £30 on three different products which I will be reviewing one by one in a 'Korean Skincare' blog series (yay!) First up is the Gold CF-Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask, a Korean twist on a classic peel-off face mask.

I have to start this review by saying that I simply love peel -off masks. You can sure as hell bet that I was one of the kids that covered their hands in glue, just to peel it all off. It's so satisfying, with the added benefit of giving pores a good clean out too. I love seeing the close ups of the black heads removed on charcoal mask reviews, so anything that gets down and dirty pores-wise is good by me.

To apply this mask, I squirted a good amount into my hand, then applied it with a Real Techniques tapered foundation brush. I felt this helped me to get good coverage, without wasting it by covering my hands in the mask. It honest to god looks and smells just like PVA glue. 

When applying the mask to skin, it first applies creamy and pure white, then dries as a thin, clear film. The first thing I noticed was the lovely cooling effect on my skin, as if I could literally feel it calming the redness. I found it best to apply a lot so I could see where the mask was when it came to removing it. The first time I used this mask I made the mistake of applying it too thinly, and it was a bugger to peel off. This product really is a case of more is more.

I absolutely love the results of using this mask. It smoothed and blurred my pores, whilst evening my skin tone and giving it a little collagen plumping boost. I have no idea how a mask can do all that, but the before and after pictures truly do speak for themselves! It pulled out some awesome gunk from my nose stud too. I try to keep it as clean as I can, but I was amazed / horrified by the amount of grossness that was left on the mask.

An ingredient used in this mask is 'Swiftlet nest extract.' I had no idea what that was, so I did a little research and I'm a bit disgusted. It's bird spit. I truly hope the 'CF-Nest' part stands for 'cruelty free' though as it is an Asian product, I'm really not so sure. It's making me feel a little weird inside, and I'm struggling with the morals of purchasing it again, however as I have already opened it, I will be using it all. So yeah, that's a tad weird.

I genuinely apologise if you're anything like me and clicked on this post to see the gross after photos. I would have loved to take some, but the mask is so delicate that it pretty much disintegrated as soon as I peeled it off. If you're still hankering for a good removal pic, search 'Dr Pimple Popper' on YouTube. It's vile and I love it (Adrian threw up when I showed him.)

Have you tried any Korean skincare products?
Would you use a 'nest extract' mask??


  1. This peel of mask sounds amazing! I may have to try and see if this is in my local txmaxx xxxx

  2. I've always wanted to try some Korean skincare and I love the sound of this! Might have to give it a go. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  3. I've only tried the Carbonated Mask by Elizavecca and it was more funny than effective, so I'm really surprise to read that this one worked for you. I was already giving up this brand :)

    Caterina | www.caterinasosso.com

  4. Sounds amazing! Thank you very much for the review! I´m thinking about purchasing it!



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