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My Perfume Collection & Fragrance Wish List

Happy National Fragrance Day! When it comes to perfume, I'm a true girly girl who's obsessed with sweet floral and citrus scents. My high-end perfume collection has been growing slowly but steadily since December when I received La Vie Est Belle for Christmas, but I've always had a love for fragrance since my early teens when I purchased my first grown-up perfume, Taylor Swift's 'Wonderstruck', and the rest is history.

My Collection

I definitely have a hierarchy of favourites when it comes to my collection of fragrances. There's the perfumes I wear all the time, even to sleep in (à la Marilyn Monroe.) These perfumes are Jean Paul Gaultier 'Classique Essence' and Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb'. Classique is my favourite perfume of all time, and it truly spoke to me the first time I ever smelt it in Debenhams. I became obessed with it, and spent hours on eBay and Depop trying to hunt one down for myself at a manageable price.

The story behind my love for Flowerbomb is one of pure coincidence and chance. I received it as a sample with a few beauty purchases, and loved it from the very first spritz. I waited until payday, preparing to put aside a good chunk to spend on it, when as luck would have it, my cousin asked if I wanted her bottle as she had been bought it as a gift by an ex. I was absolutely over the moon and it's the perfume I reach for almost as much as Classique.

My secondary hierarchy of perfumes consists of Lancôme 'La Vie Est Belle', Guerlain 'Mon Guerlain' and LUSH's 'Karma'. For me, La Vie Est Belle was a long-time love affair. I first came across it in Meadowhall, when a lady was handing out small atomiser samples as I passed by. I didn't like it at first, as it felt too grown up and heady for a girl who had just turned 18, but I still kept the atomiser in my pocket for the next few weeks until I used it up. Months later, I caught the scent of a perfume so beautiful and familiar when I was working in the sweet shop, and just had to ask what she was wearing. It took almost another year for me to decide it was the perfume for me, but by the time I received it the next Christmas, I knew I'd made the right decision.

For me, LUSH's Karma is a very personal perfume. I discovered it at a LUSH blogger event where we all got to find our own perfect perfume based on our personality, interests and skin chemistry. LUSH perfumes smell different on everyone, and on me Karma is sweet and orange-y. I also bought it with a gift voucher my colleagues gave me for my birthday, so this perfume also reminds me of my love for my work friends and how they know me so well. Mon Guerlain is also a perfume which is very special to me, as it represents when I first started to see real results and reward from all the effort I put into my blog. You can read more about Mon Guerlain here.

Perfumes in my collection which deserve honourable mentions are Benefit's 'See and Be Seen Sasha', Soap & Glory 'Original Pink' and of course, Taylor Swift's 'Wonderstruck', the one that started it all.

So despite having a pretty healthy collection of perfumes, I'm still eyeing up several others to splash the cash on. Have a little scroll through my wish list below to see which scents I've been eyeing up...

My Wish List

What is your favourite perfume?
And what is the story behind it?


  1. Lovely post chick!
    I love perfumes, Flowerbomb and Jean Paul Gaultier are two of my favourites also.
    My ultimate fragrance is Jimmy Choo which you might like as it's similar to Flowerbomb!
    Fab post
    Charlotte xx

  2. You have so many lovely perfumes! I really want to expand my collection and get flowerbomb! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  3. Flowerbomb smells amazing, I remember finding a New Look perfume that smelt identical however it wasn't as good quality, still a gorgeous scent though.

    Alice x <a href="http://www.alicemaysnell.co.uk”>alicemaysnell</a>

  4. I only have one go-to perfume, and it's L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom. It's everything I love about a perfume--light, delicate and very, very feminine. I discovered this perfume through my older sister, who gave me a bottle. I loooooveeed it so much that I pretty much hoarded it--only spraying just a faint whiff, haha.

    However, on my recent visit to The Body Shop, I must just change my mind, haha! I have discovered the British Rose perfume--smells so good so far, and I'm thinking of buying it! :)

    Layla|| http://legallyunblondeandbeyond.inspirelight.net

  5. I love the scent of flower bomb, I did find a cheaper alternative bye next that smells so similar!xx

  6. You have a great collection, I must admit. I think Burberry touch could be an another great choice for you. I bought one for my wife due to Valentine from a local store named Buy Perfume in Bangladesh and this was really a great perfume. BTW, thanks for sharing your collection.

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