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A Little Bedroom Tour

Recently I have been really into prettying up my bedroom. Since having some money, I have invested in a new bed, blogging workstation and loads of little pieces of d├ęcor to make my room really lovely and Instagram worthy.

I thought I would take the time to type up this little post on some of the pieces I have bought and share some aspects of my bedroom itself.

Starting with my blogging station, it's absolutely gorgeous. I purchased the IKEA Micke workstation for just £90 and it makes the most perfect desk and blogging space imaginable. There's a large desk area with a magnetic whiteboard (which is perfect for taking blog pictures on) a top shelf, side shelves, two drawers and a cupboard. It took only two hours for Sam to put together, and despite it being his first ever time building flat-pack furniture he said it was pretty easy.

On the top shelf I keep my perfume bottles and LUSH products such as my conditioner and dusting powder (there not safe in the bathroom as my family are vultures) along with my prized possession - my best friend collage that Miya made me for my birthday this year.

The shelves down the side of the workstation are where I store my blogging books, which are shown in my header photo. These are books which I use for props and also like to flick through for inspiration whilst I'm sat conjuring up ideas for blog posts.

On the desk itself I usually have my laptop along with a couple of notebooks as it's a really nice place to sit and type out my blog posts, however I also use the desk to hold my favourite photo prop - my IKEA candle tray. Currently the tray is home to my newest bedroom purchase which is my Bomb Cosmetics wax burner. I am currently obsessing over this burner as I have never used wax melts before, but I'm absolutely loving melting Cherry Kiss along with Raspberry Ripple to create a gorgeous scent in my bedroom.

One of my favourites parts of my bedroom is my makeup table. Using a simple £5 IKEA Malm table as a base, my makeup is stored in a clear plastic organiser inside the black box that my Triangl bikini arrived in. My makeup table sits at the foot of my bed as I have my mirror balanced against the window, so I can have natural light as I do my makeup whilst still snuggling in my duvet.

My makeup brushes are held in a Skurar candle holder, which is the perfect size to contain all of my Spectrum and Real Techniques makeup brushes. I may be needing a bigger one soon, as after seeing the recent Spectrum Bombshell collection I am desperate for more brushes!

My bed is also from the IKEA Malm collection and is seriously the comfiest thing ever. My previous bed was cold, silver metal and was completely falling apart, so I bought this bed at exactly the right time. Made of clean, white wood this bed suits the rest of my furniture and looks just so amazing in my room.

My bed is currently covered with pink, white and black Aztec print sheets and pillowcases from Primark along with a soft grey throw. I also love cushions and always have at least four carefully scattered along the foot of the bed. I wish I could get a good photo of it, but currently a grumpy boyfriend is sprawled on my bed, refusing to move whilst he plays Plants Vs Zombies. Bleh.

What are your favourite parts of your bedroom?


  1. I'd love to see more photos of your room itself, especially for some inspiration. I'm currently decorating my room grey and white, but I really want to bring in a pop of mustard/yellow somehow! X


  2. I love the colour scheme of your room, my favourite thing about my room is my photo wall xx

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  4. I agree with Rebecca, would love to see the room itself! :)

    Layla| http://legallyunblondeandbeyond.inspirelight.net (sorry had to repost, I noticed that I typed a wrong url oops)

  5. I am obsessed with your makeup table. That is such a good idea. I have all my makeup in a drawer and it's a total mess! & you also have a blogging table? Definite room goals <3

  6. I love all of your light colors! It's so cute! In my room my favorite part would have to be my bed because of all the pillows! <3


  7. I really like the colour scheme here and how you've set this up, it looks so pretty! I also love your makeup brushes, the colours are gorgeous. I think I need to invest in a desk tidy of sorts for some of my beauty bits as at the moment they're just loose in my draw. I think my favourite part of this though is your candle burner - I love them and at this time of year I always have mine lit! - Tasha


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