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Review: Lime Crime Teddy Bear Velvetine

I am obsessed with Melanie Martinez. I own her album, a set of pin badges and have two huge posters hanging in my room. Her music is constantly on whenever I'm in the car and I ache to be as adorable and delicate as her.

I am also totally obsessed with Lime Crime, so imagine how excited I was when I saw Lime Crime were collaborating with her for a limited edition Velvetine, based on her song 'Teddy Bear.'

(Very excited, in case you were struggling to imagine.)

Teddy Bear is described on the Lime Crime website as a lilac brown, inspired by the fur of a vintage teddy bear found in Melanie’s bedroom. Whether this story is true or not doesn't matter, as it simply makes for an adorable behind-the-scenes tale.

I was slightly disappointed to see the packaging for this velvetine was the same as any other. I would have loved to see a special Melanie-themed box design, like the box for the Cry Baby Unicorn lipstick. Not really a criticism, just something I would have really loved to have been included!

Onto the velevtine itself, it's a lot more brown/red than I was expecting. On my skin I really can't pick up any hints of lilac, despite other people's swatches looking incredibly purple. When I tweeted Lime Crime about this, their reply was that the shade adapts to each person's skin tone differently. It's still a gorgeous colour, just not quite what I was expecting.

As usual the lipstick lasts absolutely hours and dries to a beautiful, soft matte finish. It has the signature vanilla scent and looks truly beautiful on lips.

Now for something a little different. On their Instagram and blog, Lime Crime often post swatches of different velvetines mixed together. From these images, I decided to create my own custom shade.

Mixing together Marshmallow, Teddy Bear and NYX Soft Matte Milan, I created my own shade which I have simply named 'Melanie'. I love the gorgeous brown-mauve which has been created, which from swatches actually looks to be very similar to Lime Crime's own Polly, which I have yet to buy for myself.

I have also compared both colours to the Riot velvetine, which I though Teddy Bear was incredibly similar to when I first swatched it.

Just to finish, here's a full lip swatch of the gorgeous teddy bear velvetine! I'm trying to get into the habit of posting more lip swatches after a Twitter poll showed that readers prefer them to arm swatches.

What do you think to the Teddy Bear velvetine?
And do you ever mix your own lipstick shades?


  1. That shade that you created is so so pretty! Lovely post xx

  2. It almost looks like a kvd lolita dupe?


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