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Lime Crime 2 Moods Duo Review & Swatches

If you're following me on Twitter you'll know I have eagerly been awaiting the arrival of my latest beauty buy - the Lime Crime 2 Moods Velvetine duo. The duo is a combination of two gorgeous colours, a pretty pink, and a sultry dark purple, perfectly suited to me and my best friend.

Well yesterday it arrived and I could not be more excited to write this post!

First, I'd like to talk about the packaging itself. I absolutely adore the new design for the Lime Crime postage boxes. The blue, pink, clouds and roses design is absolutely gorgeous. 

As always, it arrives in a plain white box stuffed with pink tissue paper, which can be unfolded and re-folded inside out to reveal the gorgeous box design. I'll definitely bee keeping it to store my ever-growing Lime Crime collection in.

For the Velvetines themselves, naturally Marshmallow is the colour I'll be keeping. Having described myself as a 'pink pony princess', it's pretty much my dream colour. Raven however belongs to Miya, my 'dark souled sass queen' of a bezzie. 

We've even changed our Facebook messenger nicknames to Marshmallow and Raven #FriendshipGoals

So as you can imagine, there were several texts of YAAAAAAASSSS between us when I let her know they had arrived, after only 8 days of them being ordered. Considering they came from the US, that's pretty awesome in itself.

Even just from the swatches you can see how totally gorgeous both these colours are. Off camera, Raven is actually more purple, very similar to Jinx.

These swatches lasted at least 14 hours on my arm, even whilst I was aslepp, which shows the amazing staying power all Lime Crime Velvetines have. As usual, they both have the gorgeous vanilla scent which is a trademark of Lime Crime products and on lips they have the same amazing, velvety texture.

After swatching Marshmallow, I felt a weird kind of déjà vu, like I had already seen the colour before. I reached for Cupid to swatch next to it, before I remembered I had left my makeup bag in the boot of my dad's car (tragic.)

When glancing around my bedroom for another colour I could compare it to, my eyes landed on my Lime Crime Unicorn lipsticks. I suddenly realised where I had seen the colour before - it was almost identical to Eraser. I have swatched them both below to show what I mean.

Eraser has a little bit of gloss to it and smudges, whereas Marshmallow is totally matte and totally smudge-proof. Eraser is slightly more salmon pink in colour, however my camera isn't good enough to pick up this slight change.

When Miya came round to collect Raven, she also swatched both colours so we could compare them on a more olive skintone (she's half Vietnamese) compared to my very pale one, however once again my camera doesn't pick up colour very well, so her skin looks a little paler in the photo than in person!

As you can see, the colour pigmentation is so amazing that the colours are still almost exactly the same no matter what skin tone you have.

And as a very special treat, have a lip swatch of Marshmallow. I never put photos of myself on here, but I thought a lip swatch was necessary to show what a gorgeous, nude pink it is. I've used Essence lipliner in Wish Me A Rose underneath. I've also included Miya's lip swatch of Raven.

(Ignore how badly I've edited out the background!)

What do you think to the Lime Crime 2 moods duo?
Will you be purchasing any time soon?


  1. Omg Marshmallow looks so cute!! I need thisssss so bad now. xo

    Natasha Kendall

  2. I really want this duo, Raven is my colour! I've been eyeing up every post I've seen about it xx

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com

  3. Both of them shades are amazing! I have heaps of shades that are the same, but use them all anyway. Your friend really suits raven, matches her skin tone perfectly. I haven't tried Limecrime before but always wanted to! x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  4. I ordered this and three others from hautelook a few weeks ago because they were dirt cheap (5 for $40) and I'm dying to get my hands on them! Thank ofor the great review, can't help but read about them as I wait lol



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