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Review: LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb

intergalactic bath bomb review
Everyone loves Intergalactic bath bomb. There’s no denying that it’s one of LUSH’s best-selling ballistics, being a solid fan favourite all year round. Apparently, 800,000 Intergalatics were sold in the UK last year, with 3.5 million of them sold worldwide. Which makes it really weird that I, a self-confessed LUSH addict, had never tried Intergalactic bath bomb before now.

I can explain myself a little bit. I’m usually too engrossed in Kitchen, LUSH Labs and seasonal releases to pay much attention to the mainline bath products, neglecting them in favour of shinier exclusives. I did however learn my lesson with this when The Comforter shower cream was discontinued, having only tried it for the first time on the day of its demise.
intergalactic bath bomb review
I probably would have never picked up an Intergalactic bath bomb for myself had it not come inside the Dreamscape Christmas gift set that I got for my birthday last month. In fact, I hadn’t even planned to review until, hence why I don’t have a proper photo of the bomb before hitting the water – How wild is that?

Luckily, I’m pretty sure that this is a bath bomb that everyone will have seen before, either online or in person. One of the largest mainline bath bombs, Intergalactic is bright blue in colour, with threads of yellow and pink running through the centre of the ballistic.

Intergalactic bath bomb looks exactly as you’d expect a ‘classic’ LUSH bath bomb to look – Bright colours, speckled with glitter, and with a definite handmade aspect that ensures no two bombs look the same.
intergalactic bath bomb review
As far as the scent of Intergalactic goes, it’s not the most complex blend. Despite the ingredients list also featuring grapefruit, vetivert oil and cedarwood oil, peppermint is really the only ‘true’ scent that comes through. To me, Intergalactic smells a lot like a mixture between the classic ‘Dirty’ range, and Roots scalp treatment. A pure, sharp mint with a little edge of sweetness.

Luckily, the incredible bath art from Intergalactic more than makes up for the overly bland scent. Intergalactic bath bomb is one that just keeps on surprising you, exploding with colour, right until the very end.

For a moderately fast fizzer, I was genuinely surprised at how long the bath bomb’s ‘show’ lasted for. Checking the time stamps of my photos, the release of colours lasted a full seven minutes, which is pretty good going!
intergalactic bath bomb review
At the start of the immersion, Intergalactic looks like it’s just going to be a regular blue bath bomb. Vibrant blue froth spreads over the surfaces of the water, with only a few veins of purple hinting at what’s to come. Around three minutes in, the pink colouring begins to cascade from the middle of the bombs, swirling into the water and creating glorious pools of fuchsia amongst the blue foam.

Finally, the yellow starts to gently seep out of the bomb, tainting the water a delicious teal colour, along with swirls of golden lustre that creates glittering rings on the surface of the water. 
intergalactic bath bomb review
Intergalactic bath bomb had so many different twists and turns that my camera roll looks like I’d used two completely different bath bombs. I’m truly stunned at the fabulous pinks and purples that came from an unassuming blue bomb, alongside the sheer amount of silver and gold lustre.

This is all without even mentioning the popping candy that Intergalactic includes. Just a little edge of fun to further improve a truly magical and out of this world bathing experience. I wish I hadn’t used any bubbles in my bath, just to see the true extent of the bath art spread across the whole tub.

I have been completely converted to trying mainline bath bombs after my incredible first experience with Intergalactic, and I will absolutely be stocking up on it’s minty goodness to last me throughout the Winter season.

Which mainline bath bomb did you instantly love?

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