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Review: LUSH The Comforter? Spa Treatment

Review: LUSH The Comforter? Spa Treatment

This post has taken a while to materialise as I struggled for a long while to accurately document all the thoughts and feeling I had whilst experiencing The Comforter? spa treatment for the first time.

However, after taking part in a spa-focused training session at my LUSH Meadowhall job, all the beautiful memories came flooding back to me, and I felt inspired to starting writing this full review the very same night.

I've split this review up into three parts in order to accurately express my feelings and emotions during every step of the experience. Warning - contains spoilers!


My spa treatment was on the 5th October at LUSH Spa Leeds and the beautiful Head Therapist Jody performed my treatment, all of which my boyfriend was informed of beforehand when he first booked my treatment.

You're advised to arrive at the spa about 10 minutes before your allocated time, however I showed up about half an hour early because I'm an anxious little bean when it comes to these kind of things. It wasn't a problem at all, as the store assistants at Lush Leeds were incredibly accommodating, sitting me down for a mini pampering session with a hand and arm massage before I was taken into the spa for the 'main event'.

Once I entered the spa itself, it was an absolutely surreal experience. As soon as the door closed behind me, all the hustle and bustle of Leeds city centre is silenced, and I was transported into the most gorgeous Devonshire farmhouse kitchen, complete with quirky shelving, books and vintage mugs lining the walls.

I was then invited to sit at the beautiful wooden table and have a chat with Jody all about what I could expect in the treatment along with filling out a health and safety document and discussing any queries I had. She even showed me the solid products she was using before they were melted down and described the main ingredients to me.
The Comforter? Spa Kitchen

Whilst Jody finished setting up the treatment room, I used the bathroom (which was helpfully stocked with cotton pads, toner waters, mascara and hair bobbles alongside loads of other LUSH goodies) and made sure to take lots of photos of the Kitchen area.

It was then time to enter my treatment room...

Stepping into the treatment room for the first time was absolutely magical. The room was softly lit with pink spotlights with ceiling stars, and the 'Aquarium' track from the accompanying CD acted as a beguiling welcome into such an enchanting setting. A heated bed with a 'marshmallow mattress' took up the centre of the room, and I was dying to peel back the covers and jump right in.

I was told to undress at my leisure, and ring the little bell on the bedside table when I was ready for Jody to come back in. I spent such a long time wandering around the room taking photos that Jody actually popped her head back round the door to check if I was ok (and that I hadn't died from excitement or something) just as I was snuggling down into the bed and taking a sneaky selfie.


The treatment started with Jody tucking me into the deliciously toasty heated bed and placing a lavender scented sleep pillow over my eyes, checking that I was ok with the temperature of the room and the bed and if I would like anything adjusting. She then spent ages brushing my hair and fringe back with her fingers, which was the most luxurious feeling even before the pampering began. I knew from that moment onward that I was in for a real treat.

First up was the chocolate body scrub. This is a vegan solid scrub which is melted down into a pool of hot chocolate. It's a very intense scrub with quite a shock as the hot mixture is first applied, and there was moments where I started to wonder 'does this hurt?' but I was so chilled that it didn't bother me much and I'd forgotten about it by the time she moved onto the next body part. That was the bit that I liked the most about The Comforter? - Even though it's a level 3 nakedness treatment (just down to my My Little Pony pants, no bra but a soft towel over the chest and tummy) you're kept cosy and snuggled up at all times as the therapist gently removes one limb at a time to work on, before tucking the duvet back.

Working clockwise around my body, starting with my chest and neck before circling round to my right arm, Jody carefully yet thoroughly worked the scrub all over my skin. Once I was all covered, she began the 'endless massage' through the top sheet of the bed, which essentially involves massaging with the palms and forearms, leaning close in like a hug. The smell in the room from the melted chocolate was absolutely incredible and the feeling of dozing off while being cuddled and gently stretched made me feel so safe and looked after.

The scrub was removed using hot mitts, which was the strangest feeling. I didn't open my eyes, so I could tell if they were wet or just hot. Either way, they did the job of removing the scrub whilst feeling incredibly indulgent.

It was at this point that Jody gently whispered "would you like to open your eyes?" and as I did, I saw that the room was filled with bubbles as 'Bubble Bach' played from the soundtrack. I then turned onto my front as she held the duvet up for me, and the entire scrub and endless massage process was repeated. This time, once the scrub was removed with the hot mitts, she proceeded to apply a warm rose serum all over my body, taking time to really rub the serum in and ensure I has a proper massage.

I had a little bit of a giggle as she did my legs, because she tucked the sheet under my pants and wiggled my feet in the air whilst applying serum to my calves, which I found hilarious at the time. There was no point during the treatment where I felt self-conscious (aside from briefly worrying when I'd last shaved my legs) especially as I'd never had a massage before, but I was kept so cosy and covered the entire time that it didn't bother me in the slightest.


Just as I was falling back to sleep again, I heard Jody whisper my name and tell me that it was the end of my The Comforter? treatment. I absolutely did not want to get out of that beautiful bed and had another 5 minutes just dozing and stretching myself out, trying to take in everything that had happened over the past hour.

Once I had dressed myself, I (begrudgingly) left my treatment room and was once again met by Jody in the beautiful kitchen area. This time I sat down in a squashy armchair and was treated to the most elegant drink of rose syrup and sparkling water, which was presented alongside a cocktail glass filled with candyfloss. Mixing the two resulting in a super sweet, fizzing drink perfectly suited to the likes of fairies and unicorns. The sugariness of it definitely helped me ground myself a little after having such a daydream-like experience during my treatment.
The Comforter? Rose Syrup Drink

My skin felt incredible, like the softest velvet, and I can only describe the glorious scent to the likes of Fentiman's Rose Lemonade. It was absolutely divine and I came out of the spa almost floating, which my boyfriend found hilarious when he met me outside the store. I was genuinely drunk on chocolate, fantasy and music and that delicious feeling stayed with me all throughout the rest of the day. I didn't even notice that it was raining heavily as we wandered through Leeds, that's how high I felt.

After experiencing The Comforter? treatment for myself, I am absolutely besotted with the LUSH Spa and cannot wait to book another treatment for myself after Christmas. I also think I might be a little bit in love with Jody too and will definitely make sure that I have her perform any future treatments as I cannot imagine anyone else doing them so perfectly.

Have you ever been to a LUSH Spa?
Would you want to try The Comforter? for yourself?

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