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LUSH Gossip: New Kitchen Perfumes

Fresh LUSH gossip is the best LUSH gossip, especially when it revolves around a topic we all feel so passionately about - perfumes!

Update - 22/11/18
The perfumes are set to be released on the 1st of December! This information comes straight from LUSH themselves, in the newsletter reveal of the Exclusive bath bombs. See below.
Update - 19/11/18
Everyon'es favourite meme queen @LushDolly has been in cahoots with a sneaky lushie down in LUSH manufacturing, who has provided her with the below list of confirmed perfumes.
- Lord of Misrule
- Yog Nog
- Big
- Sex Bomb
- Golden Pear

It's been a while since we've has any major hype within the LUSH community, so it's nice to finally have something to get excited about. What's even more special about the upcoming rumoured release it that the OG perfume man himself, Simon Constantine, is getting into the swing of things and sharing some teasers on his Instagram to give a little credibility to the gossip mill.

Working in the perfume lab
Old perfume labels images
Perfume bottle sneak peeks

Following on from his Instagram posts, Simon also shared an Instagram story where one of the LUSH digital portrait artists was designing him a new sticker, so that's a pretty huge confirmation of his input with the launch.

Since then, the big man himself Marky C has updated his Facebook cover photo to the full version of Simon's Instagram image. How juicy!

Why perfumes? 

The reason why we are expecting perfumes is an easy one. They are one of the most requested Kitchen items since the big perfume release in 2015, which saw the likes of American Cream, Yuzu & Cocoa and The Comforter hit the Kitchen, never to be seen again once they were sold out.

LUSH Labs also recently released quite a disappointing batch of perfumes, many of which were returned and stayed online for a long time past their monthly quota, as the scents proved to be quite unpopular. So it seems LUSH have a bit of making-up to do on the perfume front!

What scents to expect?

Based on the above photo from Mark, the labels I can make out are as follows;

- Yog Nog
- Butterball
- Grass - ? (Third from left, bottom row, ending in 'ss')
- Lord Of Misrule
- American Cream
- Golden Pear

I've also done a little digging about for clues in the comments section of @LushKitchen and @Sigorilla's perfume posts on Instagram, and from the sheer amounts of comments and 'likes', I think it would be pretty likely that we can also expect the below perfumes to make an appearance;

- Big
- Sex Bomb
- Calacas
- Sultana
- Yummy Mummy

If the previous Kitchen lotions are gels are anything to go by, I would definitely be expecting Avocado Wash and HIWTK style scents too.

When are they coming?

Based on the random release dates of the Kitchen gels and lotions, I feel we have good reason to believe that the perfumes will not be a part of a LUSH Labs release, and will have their own unique release day.

The Kitchen body lotions were released a week after LUSH Labs, on the 6th September, so I would expect a perfume release to be either a week before or a week after the 29th of this month, which put them on track for release between November 22nd (fitting in perfectly for Black Friday) and December 6th.

As always, I'll be updating this post with fresh gossip as it drips in!

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  1. Thanks for this post!
    I'm really excited for the perfumes and almost can't wait for them.. I hope they come sooner than later :D


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