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LUSH Gossip: Three New Perfume Exclusives

After asking my Twitter followers if they would be interested in a LUSH gossip column here on my blog, the answer was a resounding hell yes, so I decided to kick it off with some new products the LUSH Kitchen Instagram account has been teasing us with - three new perfumes that will be available in the 'exclusives' section of the UK website.

UPDATE 20/11/17 - Now confirmed!

Lord Of Misrule body spray - £20
So White / Snow Fairy body spray - £15
All solid perfumes - £9.50

In case your eyes didn't spot it (my sister didn't) the header image is fake. A big ole' photoshop forgery, brought to you by yours truly. I didn't want to give the game away for anyone who spots this on their feed and didn't want to read the full spoilers, but if you've got this far then I'm pretty sure you want the juicy details, you sly dog.

As it stands, LUSH are going to be releasing the perfumes in both body spray and solid perfume forms, making a total of six lovely products to get excited about. So far we've been provided with a release date for the perfumes (November 27th) along with a video of LUSH staff being not-so-subtle with their descriptions of the scents. Have a little watch below...

Based on these descriptions, myself and other lushies have come to some conclusions;

"A beautiful, sweet scent", "Very Christmassy", "candyland smell"

This has absolutely got to be Snow Fairy, I would put money on it. A lot of LUSH fans are peeved about this as there is usually a Snow Fairy perfume released in the Kitchen every year, so liquid and solid versions already exist. However the spray bottle format is new, and based of the recent popularity of the Twilight and Rose Jam body sprays, it looks set to be popular.

"Very spicy", "green meadows", "lots of black pepper"

I'm not as certain on this one, but it sounds a lot like Lord Of Misrule. This would make a lot of sense as LOM has been really popular this Halloween with it's new super-thick shower cream formula, and it's been a fan favourite scent since the dawn of time itself.

"Fresh and uplifting", "crisp apples", "like cutting fresh fruit"

The verdict on Reddit so far has been unanimous - please let this last one be So White! I mentioned in my LUSH Christmas Collection post how I was really missing the So White bath bomb this year, and how Once Upon A Time body lotion was lovely, but just not enough. Hopefully I'll be able to fill my craving by getting my hands on a So White perfume.

LUSH have also confirmed that the perfumes are going to be made in large batches, so more people will have a chance of purchasing them. This seems an attempt to appease lushies who were peed off by the recent death of the Kitchen (myself very much included.) Unfortunately they cannot please everyone, and the body sprays will not be available is the USA due to shipping regulations.

I haven't yet decided which of these I'm going to purchase. The solid perfumes usually retail at £9 each, however they aren't the strongest of scents and tend to be a little waxy. Irritatingly, the body sprays vary in price from £15 to £30, and you can guarantee these exclusives will retail at the higher end of the scale. I'm also gutted that once again there's no American Cream scent, though I suppose "all will be revealed" on the 27th November.

What are your thoughts and predictions?


  1. I hope we do get the So White scent and I've given up on the hope of Snowcake shower gel coming back haha


  2. Very interesting... So White would be amazing! Great photoshopping!

    Steph x


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