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My Magical LUSH Oxford Street Experience

A couple of weeks ago I had the most amazing experience in my whole time as a LUSH fanatic - I visited the LUSH Oxford Street store properly for the first time and had an incredible two hour guided tour. I had such an amazing time that I can barely put into words just how much I enjoyed myself, so this post is going to struggle to get across all the magic of the Oxford Street store.

First of all, it took me flipping ages to get there. I'd called an Uber to take me and my sister to Primark and I trudged round there with her for a while until LUSH opened. I thought it would just be a quick dash up the street - I didn't realise that Oxford Street was miles long and that LUSH was a good 20 minutes walk away (I also didn't realise there was two Primarks, and the second was much closer!) I left Ella in Primark, knowing she'd be a good few hours shopping in her version of Heaven, and began the walk to LUSH.

It was honestly spooky. It was barely 10am on a Friday and the streets were absolutely barren. It was a far cry from the crammed pavements I'd seen pictures of and was imagining and I was very glad we had got up so early.

My Guided Tour

When I finally got to the store, nothing could have prepared me for just how welcoming everyone was. I was instantly greeted by the door and asked what had brought me to the store that day. I told them I was a beauty blogger and I'd never been before, and straight away they asked if I would like a tour of the whole shop. Yes please!

The girl assigned as my tour guide was called Rachel and she was quite honestly one of the loveliest people I have ever met. I am totally kicking myself for not having taken down her full name or Instagram username so I could thank her again properly. She was an absolute delight to spend the next two hours with and she truly made my entire experience very special.

Starting at the top, Rachel gave me a full guided tour of the entire Oxford Street store. We played with jelly bombs, swatched makeup and drowned ourselves in perfume. It was all just so much fun! She gave me a full skincare routine facial using Brazened Honey and Aqua Marina to name just two products of many, and usually I would feel a little self-conscious being sat in the middle of a huge store with a face mask on, but I felt totally at ease, even taking a selfie.

Rachel also explained how they had a salon in the corner where customers could have their hair shampooed, conditioned and even dyed, and a wonderful spa downstairs where a variety treatments were carried out. She made it all sound so incredible, and I'm definitely going to get my hair done the next time I go.

At the end of our hours together, she asked me which product I had liked the most in all of the store. I was totally in awe of the Snow Fairy jelly bomb we had played with, and before I knew it she had wrapped on up, written a little card and told me it was mine to take home. I could have cried, it was just so sweet and thoughtful of her.

What I bought from LUSH Oxford Street

I bought some fabulous goodies from the Oxford Street store! I didn't realise that they sold Kitchen products / exclusives there at the same time as they are online, so I picked up a bottle of Cynthia Sylvia Stout beer shampoo to try, with the intention of buying the 1kg bottle online if I really liked it.

As previously stated in my review of the Marilyn hot oil treatment, I loved the results but hated the lack of instructions, so when I spotted pots of Marilyn hair treatment I very eagerly picked one up. I am currently ginger (and loving it) and Marilyn is supposed to remove orange tones, so I won't be using it until I decide to go back to blonde.

I also couldn't resist the gorgeous toffee and honey scent of the Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar, so that also went straight in my basket. I'm not usually the biggest fan of solid shampoos, however the only other one I've ever used melted in the shower, so I'll be a lot more careful during my trialling of HIWMH.

By now I'd decided I was in the mood to try things I'd never reached for before, so I grabbed a pot of D'Fluff strawberry shaving soap on a complete whim. I don't even bother shaving my legs this time of year, but the scent of this gorgeous soap is making me want a date with a razor ASAP.

I think the excitement of being in such a fabulous store had addled my brain a little, as the next thing I grabbed was the My Two Front Teeth bubble bar. I literally had zilch interest in this product before buying it and truthfully thought it was hideous, but in a moment of madness I found it adorable. Once I got it home I did get a little pang of "why did I spend almost £4 on this thing", but after taking funny teeth selfies the feeling passed.

Lastly, I just had to buy an Oxford Street tote bag as something to properly keep and remember my trip by, as in that store I had a huge realisation, and this post is the best place to make the announcement. I am becoming predominately a LUSH blogger, so I hope you've enjoyed #LUSHTOBER, as there's a lot more where that came from! LUSH products just make me so damn happy, and I have never felt more welcomed than I did in the capable hands of Rachel. There'll still be plenty of beauty posts on other brands, but hopefully Dainty Alice will soon be the go-to place for all things LUSH.

I can't wait to see where things go!


  1. Wow the hot oil for you hair sounds so good, I’m always scared of oils having greasy hair but I want to give it a go! Also I’m glad you had such a good experience in there, it is definitely the best store <3


  2. I have never been to Lush on Oxford Street. I bet it was amazing. By the sound of it, it actually was! So cool to have a guided tour! xx corinne

    1. It's definitely worth the trip! I had an amazing time

  3. Ahh I bet this was the best!! Lush is just my favourite, the mask seems lovely!! xox

  4. I love the Oxford Street store, so much more choice!

    Steph x

    1. Absolutely! It was so cool to look at and sample all the exclusives!

  5. This sounds absolutely incredible, like my version of Heaven?! 😍 Although I’ve beeb to Oxford Street a number of times, I’ve never actually ventured into Lush because I know I’ll just spend forever in the store, but I’m going to plan time into my schedule the next time I’m there especially for a visit.. 🙊

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk

  6. This sounds like a phenomenal trip! I think LUSH's staff are always lovely too, and I'm so excited to open my birthday presents as I know I've got a few LUSH goodies in them 😊. I have my fingers crossed they're Christmas ones 😊. Looking forward to reading more of your LUSH posts
    Amy xx

  7. LUSH change the life of my face! LOVE them so much! I've never tried their hair products, but you have me thinking I should :) Hooray LUSHtober <3

    Mary Lane @newyorkcliche

  8. I love the Oxford Street store! It's huge and there is so much Lush stuff that is just wonderful! The staff are always so friendly in there as well which makes the shopping experience better! Sounds like you had a great day there!

    Ciara | www.teatimewithciara.com

  9. Lush is definitely my favorite shop ever! xx Enjoyed this post, and your trip was incredible.


  10. Hi, I’ve not been into this store but how lucky a guided tour. I think that this may have proved expensive for me.

  11. I lovee Lush! It's literally like heaven when you walk in, and the people are always super nice! Looks like you had a great timex

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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