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A Magical Little LUSH Haul

When I first stepped into the LUSH shop after being paid last week, my initial plan was to stock up on the newly-released Valentine's Day collection. However as usual, the course of true love never does run smooth and I ended up leaving with a bag full of the regular LUSH products which had never before captured my eye, along with a little bit of magic (of course.)

Firstly, I just have to talk about the elephant (unicorn?) in the room. There must have been a reason why I didn't leave LUSH with armfuls of Valentine's Day stock. Unfortunately, that reason is because no matter how pink, pretty and Instagram-worthy they make the Cupid bath bomb, in person it just smells foul. I could not detect any traces of rose or bergamot, and was instead hit with the smell of parsley. It made me think of primary school dinners (retch.)

I had the same problem with the Love Spell massage bar. No matter how excited the assistant became as she slathered the sticky pink bar down my arm, I just couldn't muster any hint of interest for it. Likewise the Lovestruck bubble bar and even *gasp* the legendary Prince Charming shower cream.

I was giving up hope on the Valentine's collection until I spotted the Unicorn Horn bubble bars. I tentatively gave them a little sniff, not expecting much as I had become pretty disheartened by this time, and suddenly *poof!* the unicorns had cast their spell over me. I was captured.

The magic of the Unicorn Horns then inspired me to do something a little strange. I wandered back over to the stand covered with massage bars, totally snubbing Love Spell, and picked up one which looked like a strawberry and placed it straight into my basket. This may not seem very strange at all to some, but before I buy anything from LUSH I normally spend hours reading reviews and researching the product, so to just buy something without even knowing the name is completely out of the ordinary for me. I later learned that this massage bar is the Strawberry Feels Forever, and it smells absolutely divine, like a solid American Cream.

The last item in my haul is a 250ml bottle of I Love Juicy shampoo. This is a product I had been wanting to try for ages, so I took the opportunity to pick it up in store and I'm so glad I did. I wasn't very well on Sunday, and treated myself to a long bath and a lovely hair wash. Despite only using the shampoo once, I've already decided that I will be picking up a 500ml bottle ASAP.

I'm so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up these products on a whim! I may have found some new staple favourites, and luckily they're available all year round.

What LUSH product did you last buy on a whim?


  1. My most recent Lush purchase was a large online order of their Christmas range. This post has reminded me how much I need to go to a Lush store! It's so interesting how individuals perceive scents, I know so many people who love the Prince Charming shower cream. Lovely post xx

    Mae ♥


  2. I went shopping in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago and picked a few things, one of them was the unicorn horn and I bloody love it! Not only does it look amazing it smells so good too! -xo


  3. Oh my gosh I need to try these unicorn horns! Ive only ever tried bath bombs

  4. These all look awesome! I really need to check out Lush - I haven't been there in ages

  5. I got the unicorn horn last year and was so dissapointed! It hardly gave off any bubbles, although it did smell lovely, so I left without that one but loved everything else. Every year I up the size of the Prince Charming too; the only gel I use in the shower!


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