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5 Things I Learned From Social Media Free Mornings

On a usual weekday, I'll wake up and scroll through my various social media channels, catching up over everything that has happened whilst I was asleep. I'll text my boyfriend, schedule some tweets and refresh my emails every few minutes, all whilst trying to do my makeup and get ready for work. 

I realised how unhealthy it was to be on social media from the second I woke up, without taking time to appreciate the real world, so I decided that for the whole of the week I was going to spend my mornings without any hint of a social network in sight. Here's what I learned...

1 - My time management has improved. Before when I used to spend the majority of my time before work on Twitter, I would usually arrive at work *just* on time, sometimes a minute or so late. This week I have been at least 5 minutes early every morning.

2 - I can spend longer getting ready. Instead of rushing to do my makeup and get dressed, this week I have had time to carefully choose my outfits and put more effort into my makeup.

3 - I have a little bit more free time. I can use the time in the morning when I'm usually on social media to instead read a chapter of a book or plan my blog posts for the next week.

4 - Social media is an addiction. It was so difficult to resist the urge to open Twitter as soon as I woke up, and I found this little experiment a lot harder than I initially thought! I cracked on Wednesday and checked my emails as I just really couldn't resist.

5 - Mornings are beautiful. The little birdies are singing, the lighting is perfect for blog photos, and I can make so much more out of them when I'm not glued to my phone.

Could you spend a morning without social media?


  1. I usually try to. But end up going straight for my text messages and emails when I get up. I have so many notifications! It's hard not to

  2. Staying of social media in the mornings would probably help me a lot with my bad time management! It's definitely an idea to think about. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  3. I'm really considering implementing social media free mornings. The first thing I do every morning is lie in bed for half an hour to scroll through Twitter. To the point where I wake up half an hour earlier than I need to, so I have time to scroll through Twitter.

    I justify it because Twitter is where I learn about current affairs and politics, but because I'm starting my mornings reading about terrible things happening in the world, I'm really noticing it's having an impact on how I feel for the rest of the day!

    I'm going to Berlin in a couple of weeks, and I think I'm going to delete Twitter from my phone for the week we're there because I don't want the trip to be dominated by me feeling rubbish cos of stuff I've seen online!

    Liv // petticoatsandpatriarchy.com

  4. I try to avoid using my social accounts until I've got out of bed and done what needs to be done. I find it really slows my mornings down in terms of productivity, if I'm going to constantly refresh Instagram x



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