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Review: LUSH Hair Custard

I recently did a huge £45 LUSH haul, with Hair Custard being the product voted for on Twitter to have the first, full review. I'm actually really glad this product was chosen first, as I have some things to say about it which I felt were better to just get out of the way rather than leave until the last review.

Hair Custard is described as an "eggs-clusive Oxford Street hair dressing for fighting static and adding moisture and shine" with an absolutely dreamy scent. But in this case, is the proof really in the pudding? *cringe*

Packaged in LUSH's signature, recycled black packaging and smelling like cake batter, this is a product which is really appealing. It's delectable and dripping with goodness, making it incredibly tempting to give it a little lick out of the pot.

There's some seriously good vanilla scents in this product along with a more earthy undertone. As you can see from the photos, Hair Custard is a bright, pudding-yellow, almost the same colour of my car. It's so sassy. However people saying it looks like real custard - what kind of freaky custard have you been eating?

The first time I used this, I hated it. I scrunched it into my wet hair before going to sleep and my hair felt so sexy and smelt amazing. However in the morning, it was a tangled mess which felt sticky and grim when I tried to brush it out. Even straightening my hair didn't rid it of the straw-like feel.

The second time I used this, I hated it. Deciding to try it on dry hair instead, I put a little on the ends of my hair after drying it to add some of the 'moisture' back in. Sadly, it just felt vile and sticky and I actually had to re-wash the ends of my hair, making me late for work with dripping wet hair.

The third time I used this, I loved it. After I had my hair cut, I realised I was using a lot more product than I was supposed to, and maybe it's just better suited to shorter hair. A few reviews of Hair Custard that I read before purchasing stated this was perfect for thick and wavy hair, which is exactly my hair type, however I guess my hair was just too long initially for the product to have a good effect. 

This time, instead of scooping out a big gloop of product, I dipped my finger just onto the lid and gave it a little swipe. Rubbing it into the palm of my hand until it went white and almost foamy (!) I then wet my hair and scrunched it into the ends. Et voila. Gorgeous, beachy curls that didn't feel sticky and smelt amazing. Once fully dry, my hair felt shiny and moisturised with spiralling curls. I love it.

My last teeny-tiny gripe with Hair Custard is that it's not vegan, something that I pretty much assumed all LUSH products were now. Obviously, this is because it contains free-range eggs for all the moisturising properties that egg white contains, however I understand that some people would avoid buying it solely because of this.

So in all honestly... if you have long hair, fine hair or are impatient if a product doesn't work first time round, then this product is probably not made for you and I would definitely recommend asking for a sample to try before commiting to a pot. However if you have thicker, short to mid length hair and would like to add a little bit of curl, definitely try this stuff. It's goooood.

Hair Custard is apparently an exclusive Oxford Street only product, however I bought it directly from LUSH's website, so I'm pretty sure it's fairly easy to get your hands on. It's £12.95 for 100g, which at first I thought was a huge waste of money, but after realising how little you actually have to use for a great effect, I feel this actually is worth it for the price.

Have you tried Hair Custard?
Do you think you'll be buying it?


  1. This looks amazing! I'm always on the hunt for a new hair treatment and am yet to find one I love! Does it smell just like custard? So weird as I just uploaded a post today that mentions custard, I feel like it's everywhere hahaha.


    1. Noooo it smells like vanilla cake batter! It's delicious! xx

  2. Hair custard?! What a fun name! Sadly I have long hair so I don't think I'll be giving this a try but thanks for the tips!

    xo, Skylar

    1. Hey Skylar!It's such a nice product and I would say get a sample to try on your hair, but it just din't work for my longer hair! xx

  3. This looks amazing and you made it sound so edible! Yuuum. I've been using the R&B hair pot from Lush and although a little more herbal, it's gorgeous and really makes my hair so soft and tangle free! Great post lovely.


    1. I want to eat it so so so so bad! Thank you petal! xx

  4. OOoh that a pretty interesting product I should ask some sample in case if it doesn't work me since my hair is kinda long and wavy.

    Michelle| www.brokebutflawless.blogspot.com

    1. Yes definitely get a sample to try! Wavy = Yes. Long = I'm not too sure! xx

  5. What a peculiar product! I would love to try it but seeing as I have supper long hair, I don't think it would work... Maybe I'll try it when I next get a hair cut!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  6. Hmmmm. I'm all for products smelling great but I'm not sure I want to have something custardy in my hair! I might try and persuade my sister to buy it so I can play.


  7. I have only tried Luch bathbombs but this sounds really good! I really want to try it out xx

  8. I haven't tried this, but I kind of want to because it looks like such an interesting product.


  9. Oh I saw this in Lush the other day but wasn't sure on it, I might try a sample like you suggested. Sophie x



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