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Why I Cancelled My Birchbox Subscription

Really Birchbox? FOOT CREAM? I'm 18, not 80.
It was only February when I received my first ever Birchbox and I was absolutely singing its praises. I received a gorgeous Spectrum makeup brush and I couldn't wait to receive next months box.

Fast forward to only two boxes later and I am already sick and tired of the junk Birchbox have been sending. How on earth could I have ever been so in love with it?

So in my first box (which its more accurately reviewed here) I received a Spectrum makeup brush, eyeshadow crayon, hair bobble (why?) conditioner, face scrub and hand lotion, which I thought was pretty decent for £12. However since then, I've given away the hand lotion and not even used any of the other products, except for the hair bobble once.

I was so disappointed with my March Birchbox that I didn't even bother taking photos or reviewing it. I received junk. Even whilst writing this I can't remember a single thing I received and had to look around my room. I received a magical lip balm that was supposed to 'enchance natural lip colour' (no thanks) brow gel which I used once before I found it was way too dark, body wash (how exciting) more hand lotion and some hair straightening balm which I haven't bothered using as I have curly hair. Nothing was from a brand I had ever even heard of and there was no chance I would even think about buying the full products.

I still didn't cancel my subscription, mainly because I forgot, but partially as I hoped this month's would be better. I will give Birchbox some credit for the gorgeous box design, but that's about it. I received a black eyeliner which is far too soft to be of any use, more conditioner, FOOT CREAM, the same under-eye cream I got with a magazine last month, and worst of all, a sample of Benefit's BADgal Lash mascara.

Now don't get me wrong, I adore Benefit, but that's part of the problem. BADgal is an old Benefit product, that myself and probably many others already own. They could have at least sent me They're Real so I could have a backup for my makeup bag. 

I was even more annoyed when I found some boxes contained a sample of the BRAND NEW Dew The Hoola from Benefit, something I would have loved to try. Now I don't want to sound jealous (but I am) or spoilt, but I thought Birchbox was a way of trying new products, not being foisted off with old ones. I feel every box should have contained the bronzer sample, and if mine had I may have not cancelled my subscription.

So, sorry for the rant babs, but I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. I applaud anyone who has been a long-time subscriber to Birchbox - they will have received at least three BADgals by now. For frigging £12 a month for absolute tat, it's just not worth it.

Instead I've been eyeing up the Blogger Beauty Box by the fabulous Vix Meldrew, who I class as a blogging friend even though she probably doesn't even know I exist (I worship her though.) I've already reserved a box for next month and I'm pretty excited to receive it, considering it's coming from an actual blogger and not a company.

Just don't send me foot cream, Vix.

What boxes do you subscribe to?
Are you still #TeamBirchbox?


  1. All these huge beauty boxes all start off the same, putting out amazing samples and then when they lose subscribers, they start doing great offers like Spectrum/Benefit advertisements... and then it reverts back to junk people would never buy in a shop. I'm not subscribed to anything right now (except trying out a free graze box to see if I like it) and I doubt I'll ever subscribe to a beauty box as I don't really need any random foot creams or ph washes tbh lol (yep, Glossybox actually gave that out!!!)

    Natasha Kendall

  2. Love seeing honest reviews like this, makes you trust the blogger a lot more! ❤️ I certainly wouldn't have paid £12 for what you received, I hope that the blogger box by Vix is better!

  3. This is why I don't do subscription boxes! I was subscribed to Glossybox for a while but it was just such a fail! I kept getting useless products that really weren't worth the money... I've heard good things about the Look Fantastic box so I might try that for a while... It's still new so they give out full sized products. :) <3


  4. Wow, I don't blame you at all! I only have one subscription which is to A Beautiful Mess's Happy Mail box and I enjoy getting it every month, but I can't say I use as many of the items as I should. I still think it's good value for the price as a standard birthday card these days can cost between $4-$9 which is insane. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion with us :)

    Erin | beingerin.com

  5. I recently subscribed to GlossyBox but couldn't decided if I should go for Birchbox or GlossyBox...in the end it was GlossyBox.....I keep reading mixed reviews of beauty boxes. I hope you find another beauty box that you enjoy Alice.


  6. I got rid of mine and just kept GlossyBox! I just has rubish all the time and so many shampoo and conditioners I don't think my mums had to buy any for months!

    Chels x


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