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The Return Of The Glossy Lip - 4 Pretty Pink Lipglosses For Spring

Gone are the plum and berry shades of Winter makeup, and I'm very happy to welcome back soft pastel hues into my life, especially as glossy lips are making a big comeback this season. Spring is basically an excuse for the pinks, peaches and creams to scream "I'M BACK BITCH" as we welcome in brighter days and airy, Spring weather.

Spring is a season where us pale blondes thrive, however these 4 pretty pink Spring lipglosses will suit any complexion.

Tanya Burr Lipgloss in 'Aurora' - £6.99

You may remember this lipgloss from a few weeks ago when I posted about my £12 beauty haul. I got this lipgloss for only £1.49, however the RRP is £6.99. This lipgloss is a gorgeous marshmallow pink, which appears to be a sheer lipgloss on the wand but actually leaves quite a lot of colour on lips, very true to the colour in the tube. After trying this lipgloss properly since my initial haul post, I've grown to love it even more. It feels smooth and syrupy on lips and smells and tastes of strawberry milkshake. There's a hint of shimmer to this lipgloss which I really love, and it's probably the darkest shade out of all four lipglosses in this post.

Benefit 'Dandelion' Ultra Plush lipgloss - £14.50

Dandelion is described as a soft pearly pink and I think this lipgloss fits that description perfectly. It is a very light, watery feeling lipgloss which doesn't actually last very long once applied to lips. It has the most amazing taste, very similar to pink grapefruit or passion fruit, but luckily isn't sticky in the slightest. It feels incredibly smooth and I love applying it every so often so I can have another little burst of the lovely taste. It gives a lovely and fresh, delicate Spring look when also paired with the Dandelion blush.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipglosses - £9.00

I have developed a new-found love for these Soap & Glory lipglosses. Normally I'm not a fan of sticky, thicker lipglosses, but these two just taste to amazing it makes it all worth it. I can definitely pick up the scent and tatse of chocolate orange, and I love the tingling effect they have on lips, like you can feel them plumping up. Rose & Shine is a light rosy pink colour, which is lossy but not sparkly, whilst Candy Queen is a gorgeously glittery nude pink shade.

Left: Candy Queen. Right: Rose & Shine

What's you opinion on the return of glossy lips?
Will be be enjoying the spring colours?


  1. Lovely post! Been looking for some great spring/summer shades for a while! Will definately find these and give them a go x

  2. I really need to try Soap and Glory's stuff because everyone I read raves about the items.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com


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