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Review: Too Faced Sweetheart Beads

Hello my lovelies! As mentioned in my Natural and Boudoir Eyes palettes post, I am recently becoming more and more obsessed with the brand Too Faced. I don't know whether its the pretty pink and gold packaging, the creamy formulas, or the fact that it's the cutest brand in the world, but I am near enough smitten! I spend hours on their website, making lists of all the pretty products I have my eye on, then spend even longer on Depop and eBay, trying to score them for as cheaply as possibly.

I managed to get these lovely Sweetheart Beads for £18 off eBay, as opposed to the RRP of £26 from Debenhams and have decided to share my first impressions of this product with you all today.

They look good enough to eat!
First things first, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, which is a given with all Too Faced products. The beads are encased in a pink cardboard tub with a gold trim, decorated with the usual hearts, swirls and baby animals. I would probably prefer the tub to be a tin, however in this case the cardboard suffices. There is a circular piece of foam underneath the lid, in order to protect the pearls from breaking or escaping.

Honestly? This product was a little bit of an impulse buy. I saw them, thought "Ooh! Pretty!" then snapped them up when I saw the price, despite not knowing what they are even supposed to do. The Too Faced website describes them as being 'Inspired by nature's most flattering pink and golden-light at dusk, these multi-colored heart pearls blend to impart a lit-from-within radiance.'

Umm. Okay. I think that means they're a highlighter. Which is fab, as I don't own one of those yet. And they are extremely pretty. They feel powdery, yet velvety to touch. It took me ages to pick them out of their little cardboard tub one by one to photograph as I kept getting the powder all over my fingers and I didn't want to waste them!

There are apparently five different shades of bead, however I could only really differentiate three, which I have picked out in the photo above. They can be described as a pearl pink, golden yellow and shimmery bronze. There is apparently also a peach and a beige shade, but they both tended to look the same (however it's probably just because it was a little dark when I took the photos.)

The colours swatched nicely, with the most pigmented colour definitely being the pink; I feel like it would also make a gorgeous eye shadow. Blending all these colours together results is a lovely rose-gold shade which is neither a bronzer nor a highlighter, which is a little bit odd. I think 'shimmer powder' would best describe this product, and even after trying it I'm not sure what it is supposed to do.

How gorgeous is that pink?!

I used this product by swirling a Real Techniques contour brush round the heart pearls. This product definitely has to be layered as the first application is almost sheer, with hardly any colour being picked up off the beads.

I found it gave a pretty, golden shimmer to my face, however when applied on my nose as a highlighter, it turned a little pink! Maybe I used the product wrong, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the desired effect.

Obviously I think the little heart pearls are absolutely gorgeous, however I don't think I will be getting much use out of them sadly. I may re-sell them on Depop if I can't figure out their purpose after a few more tries. I shall see what I can do by applying each bead directly to my skin separately before blending to see what the final result is.

Do you own this product?
How do you use it? (Help!)


  1. I'm an impulse buyer, too, don't worry. I've picked up random things because I like the way they look plenty of times. I love the packaging of this but I never use highlighters so it would just sit on my makeup counter sadly.

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com/

    1. Unfortunately I tend to buy first, think later!
      I'm afraid this product may go unused for a while :( xx

  2. So beautiful, I've actually almost bought this just because I thought it was so pretty! How can you resist heart shaped pearls? I think it's more of a sheer/pearly highlighter but that's odd considering how much pigment picked up onto your fingers.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. EXACTLY it's just so girly and I HAD to have it!
      Yes it was very odd - swatched amazingly, but hardly shows up on my face! xx

  3. I've always loved the look of these but just don't think I would use them. Great post though! Sophie xx


    1. That happens to be my downfall, I'm a sucker for a pretty product xx

  4. This looks absolutely gorgeous and the packaging is beautiful as always! :) Will have to look into this :)

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspxot.co.uk ♥

    1. They look good enough to eat!I would definitely buy off ebay or depop, I don't think they're worth the original price tag xx


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