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15 Signs That Instagram is Driving You Crazy

As previously mentioned, I am Instagram obsessed. I can spend ages casually scrolling before realising I'm actually twenty minutes late, and it's my favourite way to both spend and waste time. I've built up quite a following in the short amount of time I've had it and I enjoy nothing more than a cup of coffee and a good stalking sesh.

But despite all these wonderful reasons to love instagram, sometimes we can get a little too addicted. I can spend hours agonising over whether my feed looks 'right', or if my photo is slightly more yellow than it is blue, and for what reason? If this seems familiar to you, then it's ever so likely that Instagram is driving you crazy, and I've put together a list of 15 signs that too much Instagramming has taken it's toll.

1. You created an account for your dog and it has more followers than you do.

2. You take photos of yourself in the driver's side of your dad's car, so everyone thinks you own a Range Rover.

3. Every selfie has to be edited through six different apps before you can even consider uploading it.

4. You follow ALL the Kardashians just in case you miss out on some red-hot gossip. Even Rob.

5. Your dinner has gone cold by the time you've finished arranging it nicely for your jauntily-angled black and white photo.

6. You've painstakingly deleted a photo as it doesn't suit your 'theme'.

7. You've started using hashtags in real life and it's upsetting your parents.

8. Your camera roll is full of selfies which you can NEVER delete EVER in case you need an emergency photo on a day with bad lighting.

9. Despite having food poisoning, you've put on a full face of makeup just so you can take a glamorous selfie with the caption "Off sick".

10. You have screenshots of the one time that girl (you know the one) uploaded a partially-ugly selfie that she deleted three seconds later.

11. You physically cringe when you see a photo with the Hefe filter.

12. You've used the phrase "Instagram worthy" when buying something you don't need as it will make "such a great prop!"

13. You've considered moving to another country when you've been three years deep in someone's Instagram and accidentally liked a photo.

14. You are deeply offended when someone with less followers than you has more likes on their pictures.

15. Someone unfollowing you is the main reason why you decided to never talk to them again.

How many of these can you say you're guilty of?


  1. Hahaha such a funny post, but sadly relatable as well! Especially nr 3 & 8 for me.


    1. I am guilty of ALL of these except the first two! Oops! xx

  2. I can honestly say that Twitter is my new social media obsession and Instagram has taken a back seat to that. I don't think I was ever that crazy about it so I'm glad I missed out on all this insanity!

    I will say that I was guilty of using a few gauche filters a few times, but my friends always called me out on it. Thank the lord for them. Great post!


    1. I've never had Twitter before this last week and I am now totally obsessed with it! I may need to do a post about Twitter dribing you crazy ;) xx

  3. I think I may have a problem aha

  4. Really funny, relatable and quite worrying haha! Loved it xx


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