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My Favourite Eyebrow Products for Redheads

I have a confession to make, queue the drumroll...

I am not a natural ginger. *Mock horror*

Now this probably won't come as a surprise to you, considering that since starting this blog I've had white, blonde, blue, pink and peach coloured hair, however for anyone that's known me IRL for the last four or so years, I've always been ginger.

My hair is naturally the colour of mucky straw (a charming image) and to achieve my glorious auburn tresses I smother it in red henna approximately every 10 weeks. I absolutely love having ginger hair. It brings out my eye colour and my skintone far better than any other hair colour ever has, but it does come with it fair share of problems. My number one beauty dilemma? Eyebrows.

As all readheads will know, finding good eyebrow products for ginger hair is like looking for a needle in a haystack. With most brands only catering to shades of taupe, brown or black, redheads (both natural and faux) are left struggling to match their (often very fair) brows to their hair colour.

Fear not, as I have rounded up the best brow products for auburn, ginger and strawberry blonde hair

1. The old faithful - Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof eyebrow pencil - Shade 2.75

I have been a devotee of the Benefit Goof Proof pencil since 2016 when I tried it out for the first time for this blog. That's almost SEVEN YEARS I've been using this pencil, and one of the few beauty products I repurchase again and again. In 2019 Benefit expanded the shade range of two of their cult-fave brow products, Goof Proof and Precisely My Brow to include a light auburn shade, and I've never looked back.

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2. The bestseller - Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ eyebrow gel - Shade 3.5

This is a redhead eyebrow gel that I've only started using quite recently, but I already know it'll be a repurchase when it runs out. Despite being a faux auburn, my eyebrows are almost non-existent naturally. Using the Gimme Brow gel bring them to life! I remember using the original Gimme Brow when it first came out and not thinking much to it, however the reformulated version in the new shade 3.5 is absolutely brilliant for thickening and tinting my fair brows whilst still keeping a natural, fluffy look.

3. The budget fave - Rimmel London Brow Pro Liner Pen - Honey Brown

For gingers and strawberry blondes this brow pen is an absolutely perfect shade. It's the easiest to use out of all the products in this post and despite literally being a felt tip pen, it gives an incredibly natural look. I do find this pen is a little greasy and it does struggle with getting chalky when used over foundation, so it's more suited to gingers who like to do their eyebrows before their base.

4. The beauty hack - Collection Cosmetics Lip Definer pencil - Cappuccino

No, I have not gone insane just yet. I discovered this lip liner in my local Boots when I desperately needed a new brow pencil, but I was on a really tight budget and couldn't afford my Benefit fave. If you lightly stroke it on, then disperse the colour softly using a spoolie, it acts as an amazing mid-auburn tinted eyebrow wax perfect for those of us who like a stronger brow (dipbrow convert, anyone?)

5. The finishing touch - Schwarzkopf Got2B Glued gel - Clear

I've never been a fan of the full, fluffy, laminated look until I tried this gel. It's an absolutely GAME CHANGER. Often redheads and blondes struggle with having thin, sparse brows. Well I don't know what they put in this gel, but it's a miracle worker for achieving the fluffy #browgoals of my dreams. It's a must in any ginger girl's eyebrow collection and works beautifully in combination with all of the above products.

From top: Goof Proof, Gimme Brow+, Brow Pro Micro, Lip Definer

Although all of these products can be used individually, my current favourite method is to brush my brows through with a spoolie so they're super fluffy, then carve out faint lines at the front and tails of my brows with the Goof Proof pencil to give them some shape. I then feather Gimme Brow all the way through my brows, and finish by using the Got2B gel to set the fluffy front of the brow and sweep the tails downwards.

Have you tried any of these top products for ginger brows?

Let me know!

Alice x

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