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Review: LUSH Tender Is The Night Bath Bomb

To celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the bath bomb, LUSH decided to release 54 new bath bombs online and in selected stores. These bath bombs were previously exclusive to the Harajuku store in Japan, so it was incredibly exciting to have so many new goodies to try at once.

I've been pacing myself by only ordering three new bombs at a time, but up until now I had been underwhelmed with the ones I had tried.  So what did I make of Tender Is The Night bath bomb?

Initially, my thoughts weren't good. Despite being an average sized bomb, Tender Is The Night has a price tag of £5.95, a whole £2 more than it's equivalent sized friends. Usually I would make a point about certain bath bombs containing luxury oils which contribute to the price, however after checking the ingredients list, it really doesn't differ wildly from Sex Bomb.

Both bombs feature Ylang Ylang and Jasmine as the main ingredients, with the only real difference being that Tender Is The Night contains Vanilla Absolute instead of Clary Sage. A slight annoyance, especially considering all the recent price hikes at LUSH are resulting in a single bath edging towards the £10 mark when you factor in a bath bomb and a chunk of bubble bar. (But that's a rant for another time.)
In bomb form, Tender Is The Night doesn't really look like much. It's a simple spherical ballistic in a pale candy-pink shade, with stripes of white running through it. It's delicate and pretty, but doesn't scream "pick me!" when you compare it to the rest of the bombs available. If I wasn't such a sucker for anything pink, I probably wouldn't have chosen Tender Is The Night to try at all.

As you can imagine from the ingredients I mentioned above, TITN (effort to write it out again so many times!) is a powdery sweet bomb with a little hit of vanilla. To describe it, I would say Sex Bomb and Silky Underwear mixed together and dipped in chocolate. The jasmine is nowhere near as strong in TITN as it is in Sex Bomb, but it instead supplies a deliciously powdery base note which is sweetened by the Ylang Ylang to create a sultry yet gentle scent. It very much reminds me of vintage pin-up girls with their hair in soft curls whilst lounging in satin pink lingerie. Innocent, yet provocative all at the same time. 
Popping it into the water, I was actually shook at how much of a dark horse this bath bomb is. Whilst I was expecting a quick fizz of pale pink, a soft dark pink foam began to froth off the sides of the bomb. It was like soft seafoam, very thick and totally luxurious, almost as if I'd used a bubble bar. The bath slowly started to fill with swirls of pink and white as the bomb fizzed on, leaving milky pink water behind in it's wake. It was toally gorgeous, and I couldn't resist getting in before the bomb had even finished its show.

Once out of the bath, the delightful scent gentle lingered on my skin all night. It was such a dream to pull on silky pyjamas and wrap myself up in fresh bed sheets after using this bomb, living out my pin-up girl fantasies.
Tender Is The Night bath bomb also shares it's sexy/gentle scent with Tender Is The Night massage bar (who'd have known.) I have never tried the massage bar myself due to viewing it as a bit basic, but after using TITN bomb I am absolute dying to have a full pamper night featuring the bomb, massage bar, and Sex Bomb shower gel (which I have just ordered from the new Community favourites launch.)

Overall, I am pleased with this bath bomb. I'm not too keen on the price, which is the only thing stopping me from 'stocking up' on it. However I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be grabbing one every so often as a special treat. It may even replace Sex Bomb as my favourite girly bath.

Have you tried any of the new Harajuku bombs?

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  1. I totally get you, the price shocked me, but I actually really loved it when I came to use it!



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