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Why I Will No Longer Buy From Too Faced

Isn't it awful when your go-to beauty brand lets you down, to the point where you no longer want to buy from them? I recently had an experience with Too Faced which has left me reeling and questioning where I spend my hard-earned cash. Before you all die of shock, don't panic. I'm not boycotting Too Faced, I'm just no longer buying directly from their website. Here's why...

I flipping love a good Too Faced haul. I've already done two hauls from Too Faced equating over £100 each, and so on payday last month I placed another, very excited to get my hands on the new Hangover 3-in-1 spray and the Too Faced x Beauty Blender collab.

I placed my order on the 30th June and received the confirmation emails from Paypal and Borderfree the very same day. Now this is where it gets a little strange. I also received an email saying my order had been processed at pretty much the same time, which is standard procedure as I have always found Too Faced processing times to be very quick, so I expected my order to be shipped out the next day (considering it had already been processed.)

I kept checking my emails over the next week, however did still not receive any notification of shipping. Checking back on my previous orders, they were always shipped within a couple of days within receiving the processing email, so I started to get a little worried. I tweeted both Too Faced and Borderfree (the shipping company) about my concern, however received conflicting replies - Borderfree told me the order was still being processed and would be shipped out on the 10th, however Too Faced emailed me and said my order had already been shipped.

WTF was going on?

I gave it a few more days, then tweeted again. By this time it had been two weeks since I placed the order, and strangely no money had even gone out of my account. I had previously been told it would be shipped out on the 10th, however three days later I had still had no shipping notification and was growing pretty worried. Borderfree replied to me stating that they were still waiting to receive the parcel itself from Too Faced, and I went into full panic mode. The Too Faced website actually has a disclaimer saying that Too Faced is "not liable for lost or stolen orders", and they are "only responsible until they leave the warehouse facility", so I was getting ready to cry thinking I would never see my products arrive.

Not long after, I received another email from Too Faced, stating they had seen my tweets and I should not reach out to Borderfree as they do not have the information I required. I was told that my order had indeed been lost in transit, but they would however ship out an expedited replacement, which could still take "up to 15 business days to be delivered." It's worth noting that I didn't actually receive an apology for the disappearance of my order.

I found the whole ordeal of a replacement very strange, as going back to their shipping disclaimer it is made very clear that Too Faced does not hold responsibility for any lost orders, but what I found weirder was that I then instantly received a shipping confirmation email with my original order number on it.

I am honestly filled with so. many. questions.

Had my order never been shipped in the first place? 
Was I lied to about the original shipping?
Had my order really been lost at all?
Why would they suddenly take responsibility, despite their clear disclaimer?
What if I receive both parcels?!

Despite everything, I will still be buying Too Faced products as I think they are incredible quality and value, but this will be the last time I purchase from the Too faced website (except for the new peach collection, oops.) All of my orders will now be placed via Debenhams, as at least I can guarantee named-day delivery and reliable tracking with them. It's a shame, as I will no longer be able to buy new products on the release day, instead having to wait months until they come to Debenhams, but for the anxiety and worry this whole situation has caused me it's a small price to pay. If by chance it does arrive, I will be writing up my haul post, and this entire situation will not cloud my judgement of the products themselves (hey, it's not the primer's fault.)

Have you ever had a bad experience with your favourite brand?

*Update* Both parcels have actually arrived! I felt so, so guilty that I'd somehow ended up with two of everything, until I opened the second box and found that half of the (replacement) order was actually missing, along with a 20% off voucher that was already 5 days out of date. Typical!


  1. Thankfully I never had a bad experience I usually wait till the traffic die down or pre-order at Sephora and get it at their store but it's not the first time that I hear about Too Faced online problem. Also if both of your packaging arrive they can not double charge you.

    Michelle| www.brokebutflawless.com

  2. that's really strange! :( I hardly ever buy online and I always go in store to pick up products, but after reading this, I don't think I'll ever consider ordering directly from their site as an option! I you enjoy the products though when they come xx


  3. Oh gosh what a nightmare experience, I worry so much when ordering things online. I really hope your parcel arrives soon so you can enjoy your new products!

    Alice May Snell ♡

  4. Did you receive either or both of the parcels in the end? Were you charged twice? Such a cliffhanger! Xx

    Paris x

  5. Ah this is happened to me at Christmas! It had been shipped but from the carrier it never arrived, luckily they sent another parcel.
    So glad you received your goodies, can't wait to read your haul!
    Charlotte xx

  6. This has happened to me before too! I just hate when shipping mishaps deter you from a brand, it's such a shame!

  7. Ugh, what a stressful experience! I don't think I'd buy direct from them either after this. It's so nerve-wracking to not know where something you spent a lot of money on went. Hopefully you've better luck with stockists!


  8. I'm not a huge fan of buying makeup products online, and this has just cemented my thoughts on it. I do love Too Faced, but it's not worth the hassle (plus I always worry about things breaking). Sounds very fishy though!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzi Bee

  9. Wow I was so glad that you received the packages!! I love Too Faced but never ordered from their website tho. It's always so annoying when packages get lost. :(

  10. That is very strange! We often have that some type of thing here in Canada when we order from the United States. Custom can take forever and you can be waiting a long time. We are fortunate to live in a border town so we can also have things shipped there which is only a 40 minute drive. I recently ordered from Tarte and was pleasantly surprised that their products took just over a week to get here!

  11. I never purchase directly from the brand themselves, unless they're UK based as shippings etc is so much headache! I think your experience has confirmed that for me even more. Sites like beauty bay and others are more reliable for sure. I'm glad you received everything though, eventually! It's a large amount of money though, so I don't blame you for being so upset with them! Thanks for sharing x

    Rumaanah // https://ruminvte.wordpress.com/

  12. This is a strange experience... Having bad experiences with websites really puts me off too so I feel you! At least you can still get there products in other shops in the UK :)


  13. Ah that's such a bad experience. This is why I hate buying from brands directly!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

  14. I had a bit of a nightmare with ABH when getting the subculture palette bc my confirmation didn't arrive for 40 minutes and the money left my account straight away. Obviously then it was fine and it arrived super quickly, it was just really stressful!

    Carla x

  15. Wow that is pretty awful service. The thing is, saying 'we're not responsible for lost shipments' wouldn't wash in the UK/Europe as you're protected by both UK and EU Consumer Regulations, so I think it's really sensible of you to go to Debenhams instead. At least you have that peace of mind that your rights are protected and that it will arrive a bit quicker.

  16. This is crazy! It's so rude of them not to even apologise to you for loosing the item and then send you half of the replacement. I would definitely not use there website again after this, so unprofessional 💖🍵

  17. What a faff! I wouldn't feel guilty about getting both parcels if anything I'd probably have complained about the missing items in the replacement! It's the least they can do given the stress they put you through!
    I had a similar experience with Mac at Christmas. I'd ordered some things for me and some for my sister as a gift and they arrived badly damaged. I emailed and they said they'd send replacements and on the day for Christmas Eve the replacements still hadn't got here. I emailed again explaining they were gifts so they fast tracked the items to me. The week after Christmas the first replacements arrived and an apology product too!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  18. Omg! That is really strange and it's crazy. I can't imagine how you felt! Luckily, I have no experience like that.
    I would love to read a review of those products - I haven't used Too Faced so I would love to hear your thoughts!


  19. I've never had a problem buying directly from the Too Faced website but after reading this i might just wait for the releases from Debenhams, dont think i'd be able to handle the stress!

    Heather xox

  20. Oh no! This is incredibly annoying, I can't believe that happened! I'm glad you finally received your products in the end though! Xx

  21. That's so frustrating! I'm glad that you did sort of get a bonus for bring inconvenienced. Hopefully they don't try to charge you twice.

  22. I am so so sorry you went through all of that!!! It sounds very strange to me and I wanna say that something probably went down mistake wise at the depot but who knows! I'm glad you got both parcels in the end xx

  23. Oh gosh what a pickle! I've only ever bought from Selfridges or Debenhams from Too Faced before so luckily never had any of these problems! xo

    Hanney | www.blogabouthanney.com

  24. Thank god it arrived! This is why I don't order from the USA, the whole process terrifies me so much! You have put me off shopping form them online now too!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  25. Oh no how strange! It is really a let down when you face such troubles with your favorite brands. I am currently facing such a problem however it is not a beauty brand. I have placed my order and recieved my order number as well. But there is no response from them about further procedure... like I have no idea if they are going to send me the items that I have ordered (luckily I kept it COD) I guess itll be a faff now to send them an email and all that malarkey :(

  26. I never order anything online, I am too scared that they are going to rip me off and I will not get the product in the end.

  27. That's such a shame that you got bad service from them! I always worry about ordering from abroad, so I buy Too Faced from Debenhams x

    Rachel | Hey Rachieface

  28. Something like this has never happened to me before! But I have to say that at least you got both packages :) xxx

    Melina | www.ivefoundwaldo.com


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