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A £20 Primark Homeware Haul

I absolutely love homeware, and Primark is one of the best places to pick up some really lovely little pieces. From the title, £20 may not seem like a huge amount to spend on a 'haul', but I managed to get six gorgeous items for that, which I think is an absolute bargain.

The pieces I'm most pleased with are two beautiful trinket dishes. They were down to £2 each in the clearance section and as I couldn't decide which one to get, I bought both.

The first is a plain round dish with the most gorgeous gold mermaid tail protruding from it, designed to hold rings and necklaces on each of the fins. The seconds dish has a scalloped edge and an adorable little pineapple in the middle. I'm going to keep one on my makeup table to hold lipsticks and the other on my bedside table as a decoration (although I haven't decided which one yet!)

The prettiest item I bought was a £5 lantern made out of copper wire bent into a geometric prism. It's not very bright as the lights inside the 'bulb' are little warm-white fairy lights and not filament lights, but it looks so cute on my bedside table in the evenings.

I also bought two other items that aren't pictured (for various reasons.) The first is a super soft grey memory foam bath mat with 'Gorgeous' embroidered into it for just £6. It's so squishy and I was hoping to use it as a mat in my doorway, however it's so plush that the door can't shut over it! So I may let my mum put it in the bathroom instead so as not to go to waste.

The second item is a pineapple and guava scented candle tin, however I haven't photographed it as it doesn't look too pretty right now. The wick struggled to light when I tried to use it, so I have instead scraped some of the wax out with a spoon and am currently using it in my wax burner. It honestly smells absolutely glorious, which is what I bought it for, and so I'm not too disappointed (plus it was only £2.50)

The last item I bought is a little more practical. For just a quid I got a baby pink cactus-print mini storage bag which I was going to use to take my lunch to work in, but I feel it's just too cute for that purpose now! Instead I'm going to use it as a beach bag when I go on holiday later this year as its the perfect size to keep my purse, sunglasses and sun cream in.

Do you love Primark homeware?
What goodies have you picked up recently?


  1. primark are so smashing the homeware at the moment, I love the lamps! So cute!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. I've been looking everywhere for a small dish, these are perfect!
    I'm loving Primark's homeware section at the moment.
    Fab post lovely

  3. I love the lantern! And those we tricked dishes are gorgeous and a complete bargain! That's a great wee affordable haul!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  4. I love Primark's homeware, especially their trinket dishes! I'm currently undergoing a massive clearout so I'll definitely be treating myself when I'm done. And don't worry, £20 is the max I'd spend on homeware haha.

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

  5. I have that same copper light and it's on my media unit in the living room. I'ts so lovely to put on when it's a dark evening to cosy up with some candles to! xx


  6. I love Primark homeware, they've always got so many lovely bits! That lantern is especially cute. X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  7. Primark homeware has been so great recently! I am always picking up new pieces

    Lucy | www.lucyalana.blogspot.com

  8. Primark has become such a great store for homeware lately, I love their fab selection of fairy lights and unique home ideas and the fact that it is all so affordable.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  9. That lantern is lovely! I love primark homeware so much.
    Panda x


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