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Reasons Why Being A Makeup Addict SUCKS

I have too much makeup
 IT'S FRIDAY! If you've been paying attention to my blogging schedule, you'll know that means it's time for the latest instalment in my SUCKS series, and the focus of this ranty little post is the trials and tribulations that come from being a total makeup addict, like myself.

Your heart pounds when you pass by a makeup counter. You wait up until midnight for every limited edition release. You're a self-confessed makeup addict and proud, but sometimes it really SUCKS.

I have too much makeup

It's a constant cycle of wish-lists and lusting.

Us makeup addicts are needy people. We don't want new makeup, we need it. We can't even log onto Twitter without seeing "Did you hear about the release of the new _____ palette?" from a fellow beauty blogger. The answer is usually no, but now we have, so now we must have it. CURSE YOU ALL! (Not really, you feed my addiction and I love it.)

Accidentally buying multiples of the same product.

We've seen the most gorgeous lipstick that suits our skintone perfectly. It's by a brand we love. It's on sale. Yes, the shade name may seem slightly familliar, but surely we're not silly enough to buy the same product twice, are we? Yes, of course we are, and that's how I ended up with 3 of the same lipgloss. Tragic.

We happily spend £35 on one eyeshadow palette...

...but almost refuse to pay 5p for a carrier bag at the supermarket. We honestly have no common sense when it comes to spending rationally - Every purchase is a wonderful investment then *oops* we're into our overdraft because of a mascara, how on earth did that happen?

Wanting to claw the bitch who says she has the same lipstick as you 'back at home.'

Which she simply can't have because it was a limited-edition Sephora exclusive that you had shipped from the US. Lying cow. All the same, you don't feel ok until you go online and check it was definitely sold out. Panic over.

I have too much makeup'Nipping' into Boots becomes an hour long expedition.

Where you are almost guaranteed to leave with your arms covered in swatches and the free gift for spending over £40... (Seriously, is there a makeup addict support group for this kind of thing?)

People flock to you for your makeup expertise...

Yes, it's flattering, but sometimes you just really want to scream "OMG I don't know just go ask a store rep!" when you're being bothered in the middle of the shop. Especially when you're right next to a sales assistant who is pretending she can't hear what's going on. I see you, you shady little thing.

Knowing more than the sales assistant is a common occurrence.

Sorry, what? You think that this shade of foundation will suit me more than that one? Honey, no. I'm a porcelain, not a rose ivory. Please just let me shop in peace, you'll be getting my money whether you 'help' me or not. (Trust me.)

And even after spending all of your precious pennies...

It runs out. It's the wrong shade. It breaks in the post. It's on sale the next day. WHEN WILL THIS NIGHTMARE END?!

Being a makeup addict is hard!
Fellow addicts, can you relate?
Anything I've missed?


  1. Ahh I hate being a makeup addict because it makes me poor!! Loved reading this post!

    xx, A Little Dose of Makeup

  2. i once went into boots for some mascara and came out with £30 worth of makeup...oops

    Vicki x

  3. This made giggle.. its so true! The struggle is real haha xx


  4. Haha these are so true 😂 I can spend far to much time shopping in lush and boots


  5. Haha this is so funny! Especially people trying to shade match me. I'll always end up with the wrong shade, even if someone helps me with picking it out, thinking I'm a shade 3 when I'm definitely a shade 2. Do you not know bronzer exists? I'm wearing tons of it, how can you just see my shade in the blink of an eye? I DON'T THINK SO. :'D

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  6. LOL This post made me smile 😆 and I totally agree with you! Great post xox


  7. Life is hard! Haha all the counters know me now, they know what I like. I have had a good few moments when different sales assistants try to help and I'm all like. No. I'm not that colour and pink is not my shade. Some of them really annoy me lol


  8. This is so funny! Especially the second to last comment. I've asked the advisors at the counters when a palette will be arriving to the UK store and they hadn't a clue what I was talking about!!


  9. I loved this post and definitely feel your pain, makeup is such an addiction I really do think I need help and my bank account most definitely does! Xx


  10. I'm so with you on buying the multiples of products, I have so many doubles of nail polishes and every eyeshadow palette I buy is the same shades, haha!

  11. Haha I love this post! The struggle is real!

    Tasha x sincereblonde.com


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