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LUSH Gossip: New Kitchen Body Lotions

Can you believe it's now been a year since the LUSH Kitchen as we knew it officially closed up shop for the last time? And how has it only been 3 months since LUSH released the much-anticipated exclusive shower gels? I feel like we've been waiting years for a new release of goodies to obsess over!

In case you haven't heard, LUSH is going to be blessing us with 10 limited edition body lotions, which was officially revealed on the below post from the @LushKitchen instagram account.

Here's the down-low on all the information we have so far, along with my thoughts on the scents available...

Yog Nog - £14.95

Scented with fudge and nutmeg, Yog Nog smells like a chocolate and vanilla fudge slab of cake from a french patisserie.

I currently have a bar of the soap left from 2017, and whilst I can pick up enough of the scent to know that I like it, it's not strong enough for me to make a decision on whether or not I will be purchasing the body lotion.

Noni I Washed The Kids - £14.95

This body lotion is supposedly going to be the classic HIWTK scent, with the inclusion of Noni fruit instead of honey in order to make it vegan friendly.

While I really appreciate this move for anyone who chooses to eliminate animal products from their diet, Noni is also known as the 'vomit fruit' so I'm slightly worried at how exactly this will effect the cult classic HIWTK scent.

Avocado No-Wash - £15.95

Avocado No-Wash body lotion shares it's scent with the Avocado Wash shower gel released as an exclusive back in June. The creamy avocado and lemon pie scent first made an appearance in the Avocado Co-Wash shampoo/conditioner and has been a fan favourite ever since.

Unfortunately I am allergic to avocado on my skin so I won't be buying this one myself, however my boyfriend is obsessed with his bottle of Avocado Wash shower gel, so I may pick him one up as a treat.

Calacas - £16.95

The OG cult scent. Calacas is the flavour of green fruit pastilles and (to me) toilet cleaner. It seems to be everyone's favourite and I'm sure it will be one of the first to go out of stock when the lotions are eventually released.

Yuzu & Cocoa - £15.95

A delicious, Christmassy chocolate orange scent which should never have been discontinued in it's shower cream form.

I will 100% be picking up a tub of this absolute delight as I was never lucky enough to purchase a bottle of the shower cream when it was mainline.

Lord Of Misrule - £16.95

The smoky black pepper combined with the sweetness of vanilla makes Lord of Misrule a scent I love to hate. I can never make up my mind if I absolutely adore it, or can't stand it!

The lotion looks to be pale green in colour, and with Lord Of Misrule shower cream rumoured to be not coming back to stores this Halloween, I may have to pick up a pot just in case.

Butterball - £14.95

Now Butterball is one lotion that I will absolutely be purchasing. The scrumptious vanilla and cocoa butter scent is one of my favourites, and I can never resist picking up a Butterball bath bomb every time I'm in store.

I feel like this will also be a popular one, so make sure to snag it as soon as it's live to ensure you get one.

Sultana - £14.95

Another cult favourite, being the OG scent of the discontinued Blackberry bath bomb, and the mainline Sultana of Skin soap.

I personally won't be buying any of this, however if the shower gel launch was anything to go by, it's bound to be a popular choice.

Yummy Mummy - £14.95

The sweet fake strawberry scent is one that flits in and out of being one of my favourites, despite how overpowering and synthetic it seems.

I haven't made my mind up on purchasing Yummy Mummy yet, as I prefer the delicate strawberry scent of American Cream.

American Cream - £15.95

My own American Cream body lotion had literally just gone out of date when I bought it off eBay and is already smelling funky, so I am incredibly excited to be able to get my paws on a fresh tub.

This one is going to be super popular, however based on the huge amount of bottles they made for the shower gel launch, I think it will be available for a good while before selling out.

So when will we be getting these goodies? The exact date is being kept tightly under-wraps, however I have good reason to believe that it will be this Friday, the 7th September based on the information I received from the LUSH digital interns team.

If you check out the below screenshot, it contains a photo of what I believe to be the Lord Of Misrule body lotion being used, along with telling me to mark the 7th in my calendar.

Obviously this isn't a 100% confirmation, so don't fight me if they don't make an appearance on Friday! There's also the possibilty that the 7th could be when they're revealing more information as opposed to the full launch itself - but either way there should be more info!

As far as prices are confirmed, this is pure speculation but I'm willing to bet that they will be between £15 and £18 each, depending on the ingredients used in each lotion. When I purchased my The Comforter body lotion back in August 2017, it cost me £13.95, so with inflation £15 a lotion should be about right.

Which lotions will you be picking up?
As usual, I'll be updating this post as more information is released

Update: 04/09/18

Confirmed prices have been added (got it spot on), along with the release date - it's going to be a day earlier than expected on the 6th September! Even better!


  1. Considering I have £0 n I plan on getting two each of Yuzu n Cocoa, LoM, Butterball and possibly even American Cream, it’s safe to say I’m dumb if they’re £15 each��

    1. I think it will really be worth spending the money for!

  2. Thank you for this great post! :)

    I'll be definitely getting Calacas, Avocado No-Wash and Butterball.
    I also would really enjoy Yuzu & Cocoa, but I'm not sure yet. 3 different body lotions are probably enough and will last me forever :D

  3. Yuzu, LOM, and Yog Nog for me!! I'm so excited!


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