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Happy Birthday! But Where Have I Been?

Cue the party poppers and balloons, as today Dainty Alice turns two years old. I didn’t even realise until it popped up on my Facebook memories that on this very day, two years ago, I registered the domain name daintyalice.com and bought my first proper theme.

It’s a pretty big deal, which makes it strange that I hadn’t noticed the date creeping closer towards me. Maybe it’s because today (January 15th) is classed as ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. Maybe it’s because I’ve been on a social media cleanse where I just deleted my Twitter app on Christmas Eve, and have only been online to join in with the occasional #TeacupClub meeting.

But it’s most likely due to the fact that for the last month, Dainty Alice has remained bare. No Christmas content or festive blog posts. No New Year’s Resolutions. Even my painstakingly pre-planned gift guide never went live (also v. sorry to all the PRs regarding this – I haven’t been avoiding your emails, promise.) Because I simply haven’t felt like writing anything.

It’s not due to having nothing to write about. My head has been overflowing with ideas for the last month or so, as has my box of PR samples. I actually had so many ideas for LUSH-related content that I even launched a second blog, Wonderlush, in the hope of being able to separate my LUSH and beauty posts into their own sites. That too has remained bare since its initial launch nearly two weeks ago.

The reason I’ve been so distant is mainly because there’s been so much going on in my life outside of blogging that I simply haven’t had the time, energy or motivation to sit down and put my thoughts down in words. There’s been a lot of changes and life events over the last month that have absolutely exhausted me. Here’s a few;

  • Me and Adi had our first anniversary and now need to get serious about putting savings away for a house deposit etc.
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & Boxing Day were hectic (as per every year)
  • We went away on a mini-holiday to Scarborough for three days
  • I went back to work after two weeks off (a challenge in itself)
  • I started, dropped out of, then found a new college course studying makeup artistry on Tuesday and Thursday evenings

So all of that, teamed with a cheeky trickle of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder and forgetting to take my tablets has resulted in me feeling too tired/unmotivated/stressed/lazy (pick your adjective) to properly concentrate on taking photos and writing posts.

But it's 2018 now! Time to channel my inner #GIRLBOSS and figure out away to properly balance a full-time job, evening classes, updating my Instagram and two blogs, whilst still getting 8 hours of sleep a night, seeing Adi and watching the rest of Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix.

Happy Birthday Dainty Alice,
Here's to at least a couple more!


  1. Happy Birthday! I’ve been off for the past few weeks as well - this time of year is just so hectic, and blogging definitely takes a back seat for family and friends and loved one.. 🙊 Welcome back, here’s to a fresh start in 2018!

    Andi | www.andthenzen.co.uk

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! Your theme/layout is absolutely gorgeous by the way. Sounds like you've had an exciting few months, saving for a house is suchhhhh hard work, I'm trying so hard to be good with pennies, but it's not easy - wishing you lots of luck with that one, and everything else! Looking forward to seeing what else you get up to :)

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog! My 2 year anniversary for my blog is coming in a few months too its crazy. You have so much on your plate but I know that this year you will conquer whatever life throws at you. I cant wait to see what amazing content you come up with this year (:


  4. Happy blog Birthday ! Good luck in 2018 I look forward to reading your content❤️

    Melanie | www.frasersfunhouse.com

  5. Happy (belated) blog birthday! I can't wait to see what's ahead! Best of luck to you and your blog in 2018, love.

    Larice x | http://hilarice.com

  6. It's understandable to take a break, sometimes you need to give yourself the space you need to feel better to write a blog post. But I have every confidence in you being able to manage everything you want!

    Lauren :) x


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